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We have been very impressed with Whitie, his pedigree and his pups.  We bred two half sisters of Emma to Whitie with a lot of positive feedback.  Bell, Scully and Emma are all pups of our dog Gale.  Gale has produced a licensed All Age Qualified pup, Hi Pt Derby dog as well as 5 or 6 Master Hunters, some HRCH (UKC titles) dogs.  She has the most astounding house personality as well as being an amateur trained Senior Hunter.  She has passed on her wonderful disposition to her pups and as far as we can see it has passed down to the next generation.  She also has natural pointing abilities which she has passed down to a number of her offspring including Emma and Scully.  Below are some photos and comments from the people who got pups from Emma's half sisters and Whitie:

11/17/2003 Bell x Whitie male

"Morgan is doing fine and seems to be growing by the day.  The journey home from Wisconsin was fine and he settled in so well, no crying (although my daughter did sleep downstairs with him the first evening).  He loves the Forest Preserves around Chicago we have been to quite a few of them now as he is able to walk a lot further.  He and I have started training classes and he is doing great, he is lovely with other dogs, very curious but not too boisterous."

Morgan will be going home with his family to Wales within the year.




Sept 27, 2003 Bell x Whitie male
We picked Sammy up today and brought him home.  He slept most of the way and played some of the way as well.  He has not had an accident in the house yet, and go's everytime we take him outside.  Everything is going very well and this puppy is amazing us.  He's very mellow and has not whined at all.
He's even retrieving a ball and bringing it back to us to toss again, and had to explore our entire house.  The cats haven't seen much of him but know he's here.




Comments from a Scully x Whitey male pup owner in VA.   Aug 18, 2003: Just a note to let you know our 'Fremont' has earned his CGC certificate!  It was a breeze.  Also we take him out on a sandbar to swim...WOW what a swimmer!  He swims like an otter!!  He dives right out of the boat (when allowed) and swims to the bar!  He loves it. He is really good with our baby!  She climbs all over him, and he never makes a fuss.  They are just about the same age, 3 months difference.  I wanted to let you know we love him very much, and he is well taken care of.  Thanks!
Shawn's Chocolate Hershey is a pup from Scully and Whitey IV
He is both a family pet and gun dog.


Digital photo of a black male pup from the litter with Scully x Whitey IV.  Here he is 7 months old and playing with the second pup the family bought from us (Lucy x Gunner). These guys are family house pets.

Just thought I'd drop you a note on Dragon (2 months old).  He is doing great!!  For a puppy, we've had very few messes in the house.  He was great on the ride home too!  We stopped twice to walk him and by the time we got home he was asleep in my lap.  He loves to take naps either on some of our clothes or curled up next to us.  He is even good at night.  He will bark very briefly when we put him in his crate.  By the time we're at the top of the stairs he has basically stopped barking.  He barely barks in the morning either.  We did teach him to go up stairs-although he still needs some encouragement sometimes.  He still doesn't know how to go down stairs though.
AUG 2002 Photo Left Dragon (Black) is playing with Midas 7 weeks old (a Lucy x Gunner pup that the family got from us as their newest addition).


Here is an email from the owner of Dragon's sister, Tess, from the Scully x Whitey IV litter:

Tess is doing super and we love her a lot. For just turning nine months she's something else!  I work her every day plus 2miles of running also. She's unbelievably fast on foot (30 mph easily and very strong in the water). She's getting her baptism on ducks and geese right now. Her weight has leveled off at 70# and there isn't an ounce of fat on her. Our vet loves loves her to death and says that she's the nicest looking lab to come along in quite a while...neat.    

Photo 2002    That particular day we spent on an inland mud lake a few miles from my home.  It's about 80 acres in size and quite inaccessible....have hunted it since I was a kid.


Photo of Maggie at 10 months.  Scully x Whitey. Owners write: "Maggie has a dear sweet personality, incredibly loving and friendly ... She has the most beautiful shiny, soft coat.  It just glistens! People constantly comment on the shine and softness.  She has learned to respond to hand signals as well as voice commands for sit, stay and lie down.  She heals well when there is voice encouragement and treats at hand.  She returns from a distance when the Come command is used as well as responding to a whistle."


11/17/03  Bell x Whitie male  "Ranger is doing very well. He is gaining weight each day. He weighs 35 lbs now and is just a great addition to our family. He has a great temperament and really has a great personality. House training is 100% complete and has been since around 11 weeks. He is no trouble when it is time for him to go in his crate either. He never makes a sound and does mostly all of his napping in the crate. He enters the crate all the time at his own will. He enjoys playing fetch and going for walks. There is no question that he is going to succeed at the hunting aspect of his life. We can not thank you enough for supplying us with this welcomed addition to our family...
Ranger is and has been fun from the beginning and his affection towards all people is second to none."


11/22/03 Bell x Whitie female. This family from Iowa sent out announcements stating "Our Baby is Here" along with photos.  The letter from her owner in Iowa writes:  "When I first picked her up at the airport, everyone wanted to see the puppy.  I took Kayjun to Mike's office - he fell in love with her right away.  Everyone has fallen in love with her. She slept through her first night without a cry, whine or bard.  It has been that way from the start.  Housebroken.  She goes to the door when she wants out.  Has been very good about retrieving.  She has long legs, just a beautiful black Lab.  Even our vet's, we go to a veterinary office that are three brothers, all vets.  All of them have commented on what a wonderful, beautiful and healthy pup she is...Her first 3 weeks she spent at the store with me in her kennel.  My clients never knew unless I got her out that I had a puppy at the store.  Now, clients are coming in and they ask to see Kayjun. 


Litter development Pictures:


Newborns.  6 pups all weighing about 1 pound at birth. Emma wanted to have 'toys' in the whelping box for her puppies.  The little yellow thing at the bottom is a squeak toy of 'Odie'.  Puppies eyes and ears are shut.  The black mat in the middle is a heating pad.  Though they are in one of our large bathrooms on the first floor, one still wants to be sure and maintain their body temperature.















Pups on Dec 9th at 6 days old.  They have pretty well doubled their weight to about 2 pounds now.











Emma's pups are now 18 days old and their eyes are now open and they are starting to walk around.  They cannot see very far and they only seem to peek out of them.  They have no teeth yet and still cannot play with the toys Emma has provided them.  They do try to chew on each other as their first form of play.  The guy in back is Yawning.  Mom will leave them for a half hour or when they sleep and she joins us in the living room.  She goes back to the bathroom door whenever she wants back in to check on them or feed them.











Emma with her pups at 3 1/2 weeks old - day 25.  They are walking around and starting to climb out of the whelping box.  Soon we will need to move them to a different area. They are still nursing on mom but their teeth are starting to come in.  They still don't play with toys but do chew on each other. 










Pups at 4 weeks old on Jan 1, 2003.  They are starting to eat blenderized Iam's puppy chow with Milk replacer in addition to some of mom's feedings.  They have sharp teeth right now and are chewing on each other.  They are playing more and starting to explore. We are holding them a lot and sometimes they fall asleep on our lap.  They still sleep a lot at this age.












Pups at 32 days playing with toys they can chew on.












Here is a light chocolate male on day 38 with what is left of a stuffed animal toy. Like any baby, everything goes in the mouth.  They are teething and shoe laces and pants legs are fair game for them right now.  They are eating soaked, soft puppy chow now and will get their 1st shots in a few days.












At 6 weeks this boy is enjoying being held.  They all love to be handled and will settle right down in your lap in you let them.












Black male at 44 days.  They now have their vaccinations and enjoy chewing, hauling and playing with any toys they get.  We give them a variety of toys to play with to keep them stimulated.