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Chocolate Lab pups about June 24, 2019.  The sire is a Master Hunter named Moose Pekar of Greendale.  The mother is Lorken's Return to Sender "Elma".  This is a well bred litter for house personality with natural instincts for hunting, intelligence and trainability.  See below for litter photos.  Pedigree and parents page.  Elma's page, references from Elma's other litter.



Chocolate Lab PUPPIES born 6/24/2019
Moose Pekar of Greendale, MH x Lorken's Return to Sender "Elma"
Litter is sold

Elma at 5 weeks along with the puppies.  They are generally born at 9 weeks along.  Our cat Rozzie likes Elma.



Newborn to 1 week.  The pups were born weighing approximately 1 pound each.  They have their eyes and ears sealed shut at this age.  They are able to crawl but their bellies remain on the ground while doing so.  The eyes won't open until about 10 days.  The faces are rather flat and their ears are short thick flaps of skin right now. Click on photo for larger picture.


1 week to 2 weeks old
Below July 2 and a pup sleeping by mom's paw.  On the 4th of July the little boy below was sleeping in my arms.  Eyes are not open yet but they are about twice their birth size now.

2 to 3 weeks old
On July 9th the pups are 2 weeks old.  Their eyes are open but they really cannot see much of anything.  They struggle to take a few steps with their legs under them but they still sleep most of the time.  The have bodies that are out of proportion for an adult dog but they are growing fast.

July 12 and 13th.  The pups are still 2 weeks old and teeth are not quite in yet.  They still basically sleep and eat.  At least seem to like laying on their back like mom!   Because there are a lot of pups we decided to give them some puppy milk as a supplement.  They are getting the idea of licking the milk rather than trying to nurse but get pretty messy.  Mom licks them off when they are done.

3 to 4 Weeks old
July 17 and 18th.  The pups have grown enough to be able to climb out of the pool they were born in.  They now live in a sectioned off area of our kitchen and are enjoying the air conditioning in this excessively warm weather.  Mom still feeds them but they have also had some ground puppy chow added to their puppy milk mixture.  They love it.  We have two large bowls but they crowd around like they have never eaten before.  One pup climbed to the top of the dish to play king of the mountain while dining.  The other bowl had less eating but they still have to walk through it.  The last photo shows them sleeping in their area of the kitchen without the pool now.  The last photo has a pup exploring a toy.  They really don't play with them much yet. They do explore a bit though. The first step is playing with each other.

4 to 5 weeks old
July 24, 2019 through 28th.  The pups are playing with toys now at 4 weeks old.  They play hard for a while and then fall asleep.  They have a patio run they have been introduced to with grass.  They like the shaded corner with the cool cement to sleep on.  Rubber ducky and shoe laces seem like fun.  But they still like to go into the air conditioned house and sleep after an exhausting play time.  Taking photos is a bit difficult when the pups move around since there seems to be a delay between when I click to take the photo and when my cell phone actually takes the picture.  Lots of blurred photos, but here are some that turned out.


5 to 6 weeks old
July 29-31, 2019 has one girl sleeping and the other one looking like he wants some turkey.  The food pitcher needed to be licked out after dinner.

Aug 2.  One enjoys being held.  Brother and sister fall asleep head to head after supper and playtime.

Aug 4, 2019. Pups played a little with the water.  One girl liked licking Ken while he held her while the other just enjoyed being held.

6 to 7 weeks old
August 8, 2019.  A female decided to use the concrete block for a pillow.  The second photo is of two boys playing in a small hole. Third photo is a girl and a boy gazing through the fence.

7 to 8 weeks old
Aug 12, 2019.  The litter dug a hole.  She seems t
o be trying to tell us she had no part in it.  Hah.  Tug of war is a fun dog activity.

Aug 15, 2019 spending sometime indoors.  They still enjoy playing.

And Elma is doing quite well for having had 12 pups.