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Scully x Erin's Edge Goose Ya Big Stud, MH

These pups now live with their new owners in VA, MN, 2 in IL, 2 WI and 2 in NY


Kona is a female pup living in Ashland, WI
   This is a recent picture of Kona, now a little over four months old and doing well.  She is sleeping through the night now and is enjoying he wide open spaces. She will come and sit in front of you on command and will retrieve a bumper a half dozen time before becoming bored. She has tried to herd the horses but has learned they don't fear little dogs!
   We are very pleased with her and her loving temperament. Thanks again for a great dog.



May 16, 2007

Just a note from last years litter. Kona left for Center Creek Kennels in North Dakota for training on the thirteenth of May. The plan at this point is for training in upland game as well as ducks. She has attended obedience school and did very well. She swims like a fish and loves to retrieve both in the field and on Lake Superior. She's hearty and healthy and once again we are very pleased with her and her progress.




This is from one of the people in New York who took a female.  In March 2007 he writes:
Hi Lori thought I'd give you an update on my little girl Reese, I took her to the vet she is 86 pounds and fit as a horse, the vet said she looks good. We got Reese and her brother Max together with two other chocolates that a neighbor has, it was the best watching the four of them running around. Max is doing good also he is not as big as Reese, she can run, she was faster and bigger than the other labs, she is a wonderful lab and thinks she's a lap dog she has no idea how big and dopie she is. It is so funny how affectionate she is. we are very happy with her. Take care.


Scully x FC Nan-Dool's Elwood Blues Pups

These pups now live in Sask Canada, PA/FL, VA, MN, 4 in WI and 2 in IL.

This is Molly who Now lives in FL
Her family writes:
Here are some pictures of Molly.  She has adjusted well to her new home and has taken a liking to our 9 year old lab Bayley.  She is a smart pup and has picked up quickly on house training and basic things such as sit, stay and come.  We are very pleased with Molly and she has been a great addition to the family. ________
Just a quick note to let you know Molly (from PA…Scully & Elwood) has relocated down to Southwest Florida (Fort Myers) with Marge and I.  She continues to be a great dog.  She is now learning to be a "Dock Dog".  She has picked up on training very quickly and has the highest energy level of ANY dog out there.  She will run all day and still want to go again when we get home.  I don't have my computer set up at home yet, but will send pictures when I get the chance.  She is about 55-60 lbs now and in great shape.

Feb 06 - Here are some pictures of Molly from her first DockDogs Big Air contest.  She took 1st place overall with a best jump of 21’10”.  She is quick to learn anything I am teaching her and has a drive that is 2nd to none.  I thought you might enjoy keeping up with what is going on with some of the pups.  If we are up in WI this year for a contest I will let you know…..


Here is a female pup from Scully x Elwood who lives in Minnesota. 

"Just a note to tell you "Mocha" is doing great.  She is such a smart puppy.  She knows sit and speak and new we are working on stay... I am sending you a picture of her.  This is her favorite spot to sleep under the baby's saucer.  But soon she will be too big for that spot.  She is a regular part of our family.  Whenever we go somewhere we take her with and she loves to tag along."

Nov 2004 update.   We took Mocha pheasant hunting last week and she did wonderful. We didn't see any but she kept her nose to the ground and worked the ground in front of us. I was surprised at how well she listens. She loves to sit on our couch and watch the geese coming and going off of the river in our backyard. She is a wonderful addition to our family and we love her so much! We take her to  my parents' farm and run til she is exhausted. And she loves to play with my dad's yellow lab.



Here is a male pup living in Illinois.

Finnegan is really adjusting well! I can't get over what a wonderful pup he is. He happily goes to his crate to sleep, can already walk up the flight of stairs by himself to our second floor apartment (with our close guidance, of course!), and is already fetching and retrieving on his own! He is so lovable, sweet and inquisitive and has won the hearts of the whole neighborhood already! Thank you again, so very much and enjoy the attached pictures!




This is Wrigley who lives in Evanston, IL with Augie pup, Chelsea.  His family writes:

I just wanted to share some photos with you and tell you how remarkable they have been already...
Wrigley barks at us and jumps at the door when he wants to go out, its actually quite amazing...
They have been getting along quite well, we bought them a bed a while back and when I opened it for them they both pounced on it and took a nap.  The other day I walked into the living room only to see Wrigley on the bed with every single one of his toys on the bed as well, content as can be chewing away on his toy of choice at the moment.

From Milwaukee, WI July 04:

Hi Ken & Lori –Dakota is wonderful! Everyone that meets her says how beautiful and sweet she is. She’s doing pretty well at potty training, only a few accidents and she loves her crate!! Her favorite place to be is outside with our neighbor’s black lab mix. She loves to play in her water bowl and pounce on Brian and I when we come home. We take her for walks and she just loves to run and chase us. We’ll send pictures soon! Take care and thank you!

Scully x FC-AFC Whitie IV Pups

This is a male pup from Scully x Whitie IV.  In Dec 2003 his owners write: 

"...We named him Storm - his pedigree name is "Scully's White Storm."  We are doing great, he's a wonderful dog, very well behaved and can run like the wind (He's so fast).  We have a 5 month old son, which Storm loves and guards everyday...Thanks so much for giving Storm to us.  He has been a wonderful addition to our family."


Here is a female from FC-AFC Whitie IV and Scully.  Her owners write:

It has taken me ever so long, but attached are a couple pictures of our 'Mac' - Mackenzie Miss Caitlin.  We named her after our Caitlin (our previous chocolate that we lost 3 months before Mac was born). She's a beauty and a great addition to our family...Mac has been trained at Oakridge Kennels in Northfield.  She does extremely well and they just loved her there - her desire to retrieve and learn was something they don't see very often.  So, we're very proud and she's a very loving animal.  Rich took her on a hunt in South Dakota and he got 10/10 birds his first day.  She retrieved every one and we're having one of them mounted. She's a smart dog.  We're impressed all the time and she's like a speeding bullet.  I love watching her race across the back yard.


Digital photo of a black male pup from the litter with Scully x Whitey IV.  Here he is 7 months old and playing with the second pup the family bought from us (Lucy x Gunner). These guys are family house pet.

Just thought I'd drop you a note on Dragon (2 months old).  He is doing great!!  For a puppy, we've had very few messes in the house.  He was great on the ride home too!  We stopped twice to walk him and by the time we got home he was asleep in my lap.  He loves to take naps either on some of our clothes or curled up next to us.  He is even good at night.  He will bark very briefly when we put him in his crate.  By the time we're at the top of the stairs he has basically stopped barking.  He barely barks in the morning either.  We did teach him to go up stairs-although he still needs some encouragement sometimes.  He still doesn't know how to go down stairs though.
AUG 2002 Photo Dragon (Black) is playing with Midas 7 weeks old (a Lucy x Gunner pup that the family got from us as their newest addition).


Here is an email from the owner of Dragon's sister, Tess, from the Scully x Whitey IV litter:

Tess is doing super and we love her a lot. For just turning nine months she's something else!  I work her every day plus 2miles of running also. She's unbelievably fast on foot (30 mph easily and very strong in the water). She's getting her baptism on ducks and geese right now. Her weight has leveled off at 70# and there isn't an ounce of fat on her. Our vet loves  her to death and says that she's the nicest looking lab to come along in quite a while...neat.    

Photo 2002    That particular day we spent on an inland mud lake a few miles from my home.  It's about 80 acres in size and quite inaccessible....have hunted it since I was a kid.


Shawn's Chocolate Hershey is a pup from Scully and Whitey IV.  He is both a family pet and gun dog.


Photo of Maggie at 10 months.  Scully x Whitey. Owners write: "Maggie has a dear sweet personality, incredibly loving and friendly ... She has the most beautiful shiny, soft coat.  It just glistens! People constantly comment on the shine and softness.  She has learned to respond to hand signals as well as voice commands for sit, stay and lie down.  She heals well when there is voice encouragement and treats at hand.  She returns from a distance when the Come command is used as well as responding to a whistle."


Comments from a Scully x Whitey male pup owner in VA.   Aug 18, 2003: "Just a note to let you know our 'Fremont' has earned his CGC certificate!  It was a breeze.  Also we take him out on a sandbar to swim...WOW what a swimmer!  He swims like an otter!!  He dives right out of the boat (when allowed) and swims to the bar!  He loves it. He is really good with our baby!  She climbs all over him, and he never makes a fuss.  They are just about the same age, 3 months difference.  I wanted to let you know we love him very much, and he is well taken care of.  Thanks!"



Scully x FC Free Par Shooter

Pup from Scully x FC Free Spirit Par Shooter in Wisconsin at about 8 weeks old.  The owners write:
Just thought we send you a picture of DAKOTA. We had a good ride home Friday nite!!  Dakota is adjusting very well. He been sleeping through the nite. Dakota and our grand son Evan been playing with each other real well. Evan spent Saturday nite and Sunday with us. Evan didn't want to leave. He loves Dakota! Thank you Lori and Ken for everything you done ! You provided us a very special member to our family.


Pup from Scully x FC Free Spirit Par Shooter in CA.  

"I just thought I would give you an update on Hayley.  She has adjusted well to her new home, and has no problem with sleeping in the crate at night.  She is very alert, and is interested in every new person she meets.  She loves to play, and sleep on my lap.  She is a quick learner and has been a joy to the whole family."

Update 12/03  Hayley is doing very well, and we all enjoy her company. I could not be more pleased with her. I have attached a couple of pictures that I took today. Our first big snowfall came today and she loved running through the snow.


Email owner in WI.  Scully x Drifter female pup born 4/29/01
"Hi Ken & Lori, I have a name for  my pup. Her name will be : Kyra`s Dark Chocolate Kiss. I will call her Kyra . She is doing great . I will be taking her to the vet next Mon. She creeps up on her toys . I'm waiting for the leg to go up like she's pointing . I will be sending pics a little later on . My dad has a digital camera . I just love her . I have her sitting & waking me  to go potty. VERY SMART PUP . I want to THANK YOU !!"
Update: Photo - Kyra on the right Dec 2002.


Scully x Drifter female pup born 4/29/01.   Clair lives in Louisiana.  Her family writes:  "I was going to go into detail on Clair's progress but in condensed form she exceeds all my expectations.   She is ahead of schedule for her age, drives hard and can't get enough work. Delivers to hand at heel most of the time."

"Clair.  Charming Angel at 8 wks old.  Make first water retrieve in same place at 7 weeks old.   Jumped off 3' pier and leisurely swam around until we picked her up - rolls over with her head under water in child's swimming pool."

pupClair.jpg (6854 bytes)


Email sent in January 2002 from MN Scully x Drifter female pup born 4/29/01

. . . "Dixie" retrieving ducks last hunting season when she was around 6 months old. We are more than pleased with the dog we bought from you out of the (Drifter X Scully) litter last summer, she has fully met our expectations and then some!  Dixie made many great retrieves on ducks, geese, and pheasants last fall including one 250 yard mark on a giant Canada goose.  Dixie lives in the house with us and has the typical friendly Labrador personality.  She is now about 64 pounds and has retained  the dark colorations she had when she was a puppy. As we continue on into more advanced training she catches on quite well and definitely has a great deal of desire to retrieve and to please. 
06- Well it has almost been 5 years now since we bought our choc. lab "Dixie" (Scully X Drifter)  from you and I thought I would let you know how she is doing. Although it's  impossible to sum up five years of hunting and training in one email I will just say one thing - she's  incredible.  Dixie lives to hunt and she makes it look easy, she has mastered both upland game hunting and waterfowl hunting and has retrieved everything from sharptail grouse to tundra swan.
 She has an unlimited supply of drive and has made a living out of long retrieves and finding downed birds that would otherwise be unrecoverable. It's a beautiful thing to watch her hunt geese.  She lives in the house with us and loves to sleep on the couch when we are at work, she has a good life!! Thanks again for a great dog.


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