Lorken Farms, Labrador Retrievers, Fremont, WI 

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Pedigree lines
offspring listed directly below the name

Buccleuch Avon
Sire 1885-? Black-c

Buccleuch Nith
male 1891
Buccleuch Drake
male 1891

             Munden Sixty           X          Munden Scotty
                male 1897                              female 1897

Munden Sentry
male 1900 Blk-c
Shelag of Dansbury
female Blk-c
(*Munden also sired Sceptre)

Shelag of Dansbury
female Blk-c

Shelagh of Glynn, FTW
female 1909 Blk-c
CH Scandal of Glynn
male 1913Blk-c
Dual CH Banchory Bolo 
male 1915-1927 Blk-c
CH Banchory Danilo FTW
1923 (Byc) male
(*Bolo also sired Banchory Corbie)
Hayler's Danilo
male (Byc)
CH Poppleton Black Lancer
male 1934 Blk-c-y
CH Poppleton Golden Major
male 1935 Ylw-c
Poppleton Golden Gleam
male Ylw-c
Poppleton Golden Sherry
male 1943 Ylw-c
Triumph of Treesholme
male Ylw-c
Treesholme Thunder
male 1950 Blk-y-c
Fiona of Blaircourt
female Blk-c
Lawrie of Blaircourt
male 1953 Blk-c
Olivia of Blaircourt, CCW
female Blk-c 1954
 CH Ruler of Blaircourt
male 1956 Blk-c
Children of Ch Ruler of Blaircourt Chlt or carried the color:
Altiora of Blaircourt,
Loughderg Fiona (Chlt),
 Oakshaw Tranquil of Blaircourt,
CH Sandylands Tweed of Blaircourt,


CH Sandylands Tweed of Blaircourt
male 1958 Blk-c-y
Offspring that carried the color chocolate:  Bartonley's Diant Lapwing Ylw-c, Cilla II Av Oppensten, Int CH Diant Dobrudden Breydon Blk-c-y, CH Harris Tweed of Ide Blk-c-y, CH Hollybeaut of Keithray Blk-c-y, CH Hollyberry of Keithray Blk-c, CH Lockerbie Sandylands Tarquin, Blk-c, CH Reanacre Mallardhurn Thunder Blk-c-y, CH Sandylands Tan Ylw-c, Sandylands Trill Ylw-c, Taffy of Keithray Blk-c, Whiskey Creek's Tweed's Bairn

Whiskey Creek's Tweed's Bairn
male 1967 Ylw-c

Cilla II Av Oppensten
female 1960's chlt

Int CH Diant Dobrudden Breydon
male 1960 Blk-c-y

Whiskey Creek's Cedar Nixie
female 1969 Chlt

Minvans Caramelle
female 1965 chlt

Int CH/Sw FCH Kamrats Kareena
female 1964 Chlt

CH Westwood Mr. McDuff
male 1971 Chlt

Minvans Buse
male 1972 Blk-c

Int CH/Sw/Nor Puhs Black Devil
male 1970 Blk

Pogo Weed Beater
Dam 1975 Chlt
Puhs Little Devil
female 1972 (chlt or carried chlt)

CH  Mallards Brown Spinner
female from Sweden

River Rogue Buster Brown
male Chlt

Timberlane Splash Waterlady
female 1978 Chlt

Tapnod Canard Noire
female 1977 Blk-c

Mon Brun Maja of Surrey
female Chlt
Timberlane Cinnamon
female1983 Chlt
Pursi's Belle Star
QAA w/Derby pts
female 1982 Blk-c
Sir Hershey of Surrey, GMPR, GP, MPR
male 1985 Chlt
Timberlane Samantha
female Blk-c
FC-AFC Belle's Star Emme Lou
female 1986 Blk-c

Hershey's Molly Brown
female 1991 Chlt

FC-AFC River Oaks Way-Da-Go Rocky
male 1986 Blk-c-y

NFC-AFC Storm's Riptide Star (Rascal)
male 1991 Chlt

Higher Grounds Helen Keller
female 1991 Blk-c

Black Ruby Kiss
female 1994 Blk-c

FC Nan-Dool Elwood Blues
male1994 Chlt

He's Cutty Sark of Nilak female
chlt 2000

*CNAFC-CFC Quik Windstorm
*CFC-CAFC Just' A Storm Code

FC-AFC Cuda's Blue Ryder, MH
male 1997 Chlt

FC-AFC Pozzy's In Pursuit
male Blk-c-y
FC Wynscapes High Flying Blues
male 2000 Blk-c
FC-AFC Hunter's Edge Willy Break
 male Blk-c-y 2003

Wing Magic's Louisiana Roux, QAA
male chlt 2003

Way-Da-Go Call of
the Wild, AAQ
male chlt 2003