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Lucy x CNAFC-NAFC-FC Ebonstar Lean Mac


Lucy x AFC-CFC Piper's Top Gunner


Lucy x FC-AFC Crow River Malarky's Cougar


Lucy x FC-AFC Gunstocks Butch From Winifox



Lucy x CNAFC-NAFC-FC Ebonstar Lean Mac litter born 7/31/00:

5/21/04 - Here is a black female from the Lean Mac x Lucy breeding who lives in Minnesota.  His owner writes:  "It was good talking with you on the phone.  I really appreciate your advise...Macky is everything we had hoped to get in a quality dog.  She has lots of speed and energy, yet is very trainable.  We enjoy her everyday.  Thanks. R


2002 Derby list

**Coon River Lean Mac's Molly  with 3 first placements and 19 points in 11 starts.  Now AAQ
7/31/01 pup from Lucy and
 CNAFC-AFC-FC Ebonstar Lean Mac


Email message 4/2/02 from Coon River Kennels about a Lucy x Lean Mac pup:
I met Ken at one of the Mike Lardy Training seminar, and I purchased one of the Lean Mac Pups a year and a half ago.  I just wanted to let you know that Molly has been in 3 Field Trials, and so far we have a Jam and a 2nd place.  She has been doing very well so far.  I just thought you would like to know


Lorken on the Loose, MH x NAFC-CNAFC-FC Ebonstar Lean Mac male pup.  Email received 1/29/2004

Hayes is an astounding duck dog and he runs tests like a dream.  He has a great temperament and is an excellent marker.  I was able to duck hunt almost every day of the season this year, and he was right there with me the whole time.  We started our season in Idaho and Wyoming in early Oct. and  we just wrapped up the end of the season here in Mississippi ,where I am from.  Hayes picked up over 500 ducks this year(4 of which were banded) and never ceased to amaze me and all the people I hunted with.

As far as titles go Hayes has his Senior Hunter and we are going to start running Master this spring. He was ready and willing to conquer Master this past fall but I was too busy trying to graduate from college to run him. 


wpe7.jpg (14715 bytes)Lucy and CNAFC-AFC-FC Ebonstar Lean Mac

6/21/01   -"I have been running Addi (Maxxtreme Birdbrain Addiction - out of Lucy/MAXX)  in many fun trials this spring, she has taken many firsts and seconds in puppy and derby. . .  and just yesterday we were up at the National Amateur Field Championships up in Virginia, MN and I asked Sherwin Scott to get a picture of Addi and her Daddy together.  Hope you enjoy it, I will for years to come.   It will be in my trophy room with all her ribbons and other pictures.  She has just started her JR Hunter tests, done two for two and hope to get the last two this weekend down at the Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club in Prior Lake with Lake Country Retrievers. I'm proud of her accomplishments so far, and love her enthusiasm for the game.  What a Honey!!!"


These are two yellow females puppies from Lucy's breeding to CNAFC-NAFC-FC Ebonstar Lean Mac.

We kept the little girl on the left.  Lorken Wants a Big Mac to Go has her own web page started.

auggie2.jpg (25233 bytes)


 Lucy x AFC-CFC Piper's Top Gunner pups:

Photo of Lucy x AFC-CFC Piper's Top Gunner pup from his owner
It's been about 6 months now and Piper is doing great!  These pics are from a few months ago.  Our recent ones are not developed yet.  He's a great puppy, we love him very much.  He is also very smart...we can't get away with anything with him. Just wanted to update you.  His shots are all taken care of and we're trying to get him around more people.  He goes crazy when he sees new faces...he loves it!  Piper has also went hunting twice already with Ryan.  Ryan says he learns quickly.


Here is a pup from Lucy and Gunner in a wonderful pet home.  Here he is in an obedience class.

11/02 I'm sending a photo of Wesley and I.  He just love his classes and he is quite the social boy.  He is a big kisser and I love that about him.  He loves to snuggle and he loves hugs...He sleeps with me and he has to snuggle.  He is a toucher, so he is leaning up against my legs when I do dishes.  He lays on my feet when I read the paper or he lays on my lap when I watch a little TV.  We walk about and hour and a half every other day and he knows what "Truck" and "Walk" mean.  Besides food, I think those two are his favorite...You know, my mother is 81 years old, and to see her on the floor playing with Wesley just tickles me so. He is bringing  a lot of joy to my family.


To the left is Sassy.  She is a pup from Lucy and Gunner.  Interestingly enough she had been a lighter dog at 7 weeks old (below).


Email and photo on Oct 25, 2002 from a Lucy x AFC-CFC Piper's Top Gunner.  Female pup named Hannah.  Email message reads: " Hi guys.  Just wanted to pass along some new photos of Hannah.  She's not quite 4 months old and hasn't had any formal field training, but her natural instincts in the field and water are impressive"  Of course, she is especially fond of lounging on the sofa watching television too.  We love her!


Lucy x FC-AFC Crow River Malarky's Cougar pups:

Windbrooke Stormin' Abagail, "Abbey" is a pup from Lorken on the Loose, MH "Lucy" and FC-AFC Malarky's Cougar.  Born 11/10/2000.   Pictured while Goose Hunting in Horicon, WI.

5/7/01  The owner writes, "Abbey is a wonderful dog and we couldn't be happier. She has learned everything I've tried to teach her and I am looking forward to hunting season to get her out again. I think she could pass junior and maybe senior hunt tests and if I was a better and more knowledgeable trainer she could probably do even more.
This is my first dog so we are learning together."


Abbey.jpg (18306 bytes)
Ric Bobbie&Luke.jpg (6272 bytes) Ric, Bobbie & Luke.  Lucy and Cougar pup.
A Lucy pup from a breeding with FC-AFC Crow Rivers Malarky Cougar.  Here he is at 8 months of age.  His owners write:

Just thought we would send you a couple pictures of Luke.  We really enjoy him.

Lucy x FC-AFC Gunstocks Butch From Winifox

lucyhogan.tif (363084 bytes) This is a pup from FC-AFC Gunstock's Butch From Winifox x Lorken on the Loose (Lucy), MH

His owner writes:
"I have enclosed three photos of Hogan that were taken after different hunts.  All the birds are wild, not pen raised.  I have had him out dove hunting (50 doves), wood cock/grouse hunting (40 woodcock, 5 grouse) Quail hunting (30 quail) and pheasant hunting (17 pheasants). 

Hogan has done a great job hunting.  He understands the whistle and hand signals and has a GREAT NOSE!
  He is a great hunter and even better looking Lab. . ."

Lances Sentinal Pines Citori SH (has 3 legs of Master Hunter) OFA LR-101069G24F Good, Elbows LR-EL9491-T, Eye Cerf. Tori is out of FC-AFC Gunstocks Butch From Winifox X Lorken On The Loose MH

Matt & Katie Griffiths
Stoneridge Kennels



Lucyjake.tif (282255 bytes) Lucyjake1.tif (372579 bytes)
Male pup FC-AFC Gunstock's Butch From Winifox x Lorken on the Loose, MH


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