Lorken Farms, Labrador Retrievers, Fremont, WI 

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Buccleuch Avon
Sire 1885-? Black-c

Buccleuch Nith
Sire 1891 ?
Buccleuch Drake
Sire 1891 ?

             Munden Sixty           X          Munden Scotty
                Sire 1897?                              Dam 1897 ?

Munden Sentry
Sire 1900 Blk-c
Shelag of Dansbury
Dam Blk-c
(Munden also sired Sceptre)


Shelagh of Glynn, FTW
Dam 1909-? Blk-c
CH Scandal of Glynn
Sire 1913-? Blk-c
Dual CH Banchory Bolo 
Sire 1915-1927 Blk-c
CH Banchory Danilo FTW
1923 (Byc)
(Bolo also sired Banchory Corbie)
Hayler's Danilo
Sire (Byc)
CH Poppleton Black Lancer
Sire 1934-? Blk-c-y
CH Poppleton Golden Major
Sire 1935-? Ylw-c
Poppleton Golden Gleam
Dam Ylw-c
Poppleton Golden Sherry
Dam 1943-? Ylw-c
Triumph of Treesholme
Sire Ylw-c
Treesholme Thunder
Sire 1950 Blk-y-c
Fiona of Blaircourt
Dam Blk-c
Lawrie of Blaircourt
Sire 1953 Blk-c
Olivia of Blaircourt, CCW
Dam Blk-c 1954
 CH Ruler of Blaircourt
Sire 1956-? Blk-c
Children of Ch Ruler of Blaircourt Chlt or carried the color:
Altiora of Blaircourt,
Loughderg Fiona (Chlt),
 Oakshaw Tranquil of Blaircourt,
CH Sandylands Tweed of Blaircourt,
Loughderg Fiona
Dam Chlt
 Oakshaw Tranquil of Blaircourt
Dam Blk-c-y

Holton Hansel
Sire Chlt

Kale of Oakshaw
Sire 1962 Blk-c

Ryshott Bronze Glove
Dam 1969 Chlt

Ryshot Pelion of Oakshaw

Puhs Atos
Sire 1971 Blk-c
CH Ryshot Bronze Affair
Dam 1960 Chlt
Puhs Freddy
Sire 1970

CH Fieldenshow Donnotaurus Elyod Sire 1963 Chlt

NORD SH CH Puhs China
Dam 1971 Chlt
CH Eggenshire Egore San Marisse Sire 1974 Chlt
Sire 1975 Blk-c

Kokomo IV
Sire 1977 Chlt

Destinys Aqusta
Dam Blk-c
Diamond R Sexy Sophie, JH
Dam 1984 Chlt-y

Umaniora's Mocca Made
Dam 1984 Chlt

Diamond R Sexy Savage
Dam 1986 Blk-c

Diamond R Rope the Wind
Dam 1986 Blk-c

Tjotte's Billy the Bruno
Sire 1987 Chlt

GMHR Diamond RS Bold Ruffian, MH Dam 1988 Chlt

FC-AFC Valtor's O.C. Pete
Sire 1991 Blk-c

Nor CH-Sw CH Imp's Strictly Business
Sire 1993 Chlt
  Knockout Punch
Sire 2000 Blk-c
Sire 2002 Chlt (Derby list)