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Lorken Farm's Dogs

Lizabeth or Lizzy
Born Dec. 3, 2003  AKC SR13132601
OFA  LR-156226E24F-PI Excellent
Elbows normal LR-EL29146F24-PL
CNM clear CNM06-312-F-PI 
Cerf 48065
Color Type IV Bb-Ee (Black-carries yellow and Chocolate)

Lorken's Emma Good Bet "Lizbeth" or Lizzy, is a wonderful field and house dog.  She has all the drive and intelligence for the field and is an excellent upland and waterfowl dog.  She is outstanding as a pheasant dog and is even a natural pointer like her mother.  In the house she is calm and loves to sleep on the dog couch with her head in your lap. She gets along with all the dogs and cats.  She doesn't let herself get pushed around but she doesn't push others either.  She has a really sweet disposition.  Ken stopped running field trials/hunt tests after his father's death but feels this would be one of our best dogs ever for field titles if he were still to be running that game.  Liz weighs about 65 pounds and is very athletic.  She is black but genetically is tested and carries both yellow (from Rocky) and chocolate (from her mother Emma). She has health clearances for Eyes, Hips, CNM, Elbows.  Lizzy really is a "Good Bet".


Liz's Reference page from owners of her pups



Lorken's Emma Good Bet (Liz)

OFA 156226 Excellent EL29146
CNM Clear
Cerf clear
Black carries Chlt & Ylw

FC-AFC Whitie IV

Born 9/1/1997
OFA 100357, 
CERF 18910
Blk-carried Chocolate

Littermate to 5 FC's

2x NAFC-2x CNAFC-FC Ebonstar Lean Mac

OFA 46627G/CERF 6972, Blk-y

CNFC-CNAFC Waldorf's Hi Tech
OFA 22799 Ylw

CFC Rascal's Super Spud
OFA 9962                  Blk
Itch's Flying Tiger AAQ
Eboneaceae Princess (AAQ), WCX
OFA 21503 exc, Blk
Trieven El Conquistador, WCX with 44 Can. Open pts. 38 1/2 Can. Amtr pts.- Blk
Snookum's Sky Raider
30 Canadian Open Points
OFA 9113                  Blk
Hattie McBunn

OFA 47193 excellent, Blk-c
Gusto's Last Control

OFA 27987 exc, Blk-c
FC-AFC Snake Eyes Double or Nothin'
OFA 6692 ex             Blk-c
Hawkeye's Watergator Anny AAQ  OFA 15981       Blk
Lakeside Icicle
OFA 20925, Blk-y-c 
Dam of 4 FC's
Riverbend's Bo Jangles
OFA 13035               Ylw-c
Lakeside Dixie
OFA 42877G             Blk
Lorken's Emma Good, SH  

OFA 78674 G
EL4666/CERF 12382
CHIC number 2498
Chlt-carries yellow

Sanctioned AAQ,
AT&H Winner,
Ducks Unlimited Finalis
FC-AFC River Oaks Way-Da-Go Rocky

OFA 29519 CERF 7545
FC-AFC Canis Major's River Bear
OFA 9150 ex
NAFC-FC River Oaks Rascal
OFA 855                  Blk-y
Shamrock Acres Juego De Azar
OFA 4736                Blk-c
Timberlane Samantha
OFA 21091 ex, Blk-c
FC-AFC Raider's Piper Cub
OFA 8090                Blk-c
Timberlane Cinnamon
OFA 13800              Chlt
Lorken's Hillview Gale Force, SH
OFA 55279G CERF 7853,
(Dam of 6
MH, 2 HRCH and All Age Qualified) Chlt
CFC-CAFC Pachanga Magnum Force
OFA 35856 Chlt
FC-AFC Westwinds Bold Tiger
OFA 18354              Blk-c-y
A Painted Lady
OFA 22249              Blk-y-c
Aces Up 
OFA 4576  Excellent, Blk-c
(Damof GMHR, 2 HRCH's , MH)
Aces High III
OFA 26588 ex         Blk-c-y
FC-Honcho's Karma Chameleon
OFA 21708              Blk-y


GROWING UP with us and her mom Emma. (click for larger picture)

newborn 3 days 4 weeks w/Lori 6 weeks w/Ken 10 Weeks w/mom

Leaning on mom


FC-FC-AFC Whitie IV  (Woody) Liz's father
Littermate to FC-AFC High Tech CEO, FC-AFC Tiger McBunn, FC-AFC Doctor Feelgood, FC Seven Come Eleven, and
FC-AFC Buns of Steel


NAFC-FC Hattie McBunn
Grandmother  (Woody's mother)

Lorken's Hillview Gale Force, SH
Grandmother, Emma's mom
Gale's web page

NAFC-CNAFC-FC Ebonstar Lean Mac Grandfather (Whitie's Father)
McBunn.jpg (5839 bytes)

Rocky.tif (88313 bytes)
FC-AFC River Oaks Way-Da-Go Rocky - Grandfather-Emma's Father

FC-AFC Canis Major's River Bear