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Comments from Liz Pup owners
Lorken's Emma Good Bet (Liz)


Liz x FC Cosmo's Concerto Charlie Litter
Liz x AAQ, GMHR-HRCH Mountain's Top Watermark'n Woody, MH Litter
Liz x FC-AFC CJ's Mister Litter


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Liz x FC-AFC CJ's Mr. T (Tiger)


Email from Paul:  9/24/2013  "I just wanted to route you a quick email and provide feedback on our dog "Vader" that we purchased from you approximately two years ago.
I have worked and owned labradors in the past, and Vader is in a class all by himself.  His drive to retrieve is exceptional - whether it is in the woods, fields, off the dock, or off a boat.  He was extremely easy to train, requiring minimal correction.  Vader has hunted game farms and in South Dakota for pheasants and grouse - and it is clear he has hunting line genetics.  All I have to do is put on a vest, or take out a shotgun, or take out his training collar - and he just gets excited.   What a hunting partner.
Beyond his hunting and retrieving capabilities, Vader is truely a family dog.  His personality is calm, playful, and entertaining.  He wants to be around people and interact all the time.  Vader is very much a big part of this family. 
Best decision we made with dogs was purchasing Vader from Lorken Farms"   Thanks for the email Paul!
Click on photo for larger picture.


Shady now lives in North Carolina.  She wore the pink collar in her litter.
 Her family wrote:
...Shady has turned into a mean little retrieving machine.  Her focus and drive is amazing, such a good little worker.  I think she is pretty smart too.  She graduated from Puppy Kindergarten and we are now in a Really Reliable Recall class.  She has been to several agility and flyball competitions and is fine with all the noise, dogs, and people coming and going.  I am super pleased with her temperament.  She went to flyball practice the other day and she did so well, we had her doing side by side recalls with another dog...There is something special about this little black dog.  I thank you guys, Liz and Tiger every day for her.

Zeus lives with his family in Oshkosh, WI
see 2016 photo of Zeus


Remma lives in Michigan


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Liz x GMHR-HRCH Mountain's Top Woody, MH

Ella is a chocolate female pup who is living in Houston, TX.  Her family picked her up when they came to visit more of their family in Minnesota.  The owner is a photographer and took the wonderful picture to the right.

Ella's mom wrote:

Just wanted to say thank you for such an awesome little puppy...we couldn't ask for a better little girl:)  Benelli did great on our 4.5 hour ride back to MN.  The kids each took turns holding and playing with her.  Benelli's first night home went very well.  She slept in her crate and only whimpered a few times to go outside to potty:)  Our family already loves her so much!  Thank you!

After we got back to MN we stop by Gramma's so the extended family could meet our newest addition:) We played outside with her for a few hours and I was taking pictures pretty much non stop and got a ton of ones:) I knew exactly which "sitting" shot I wanted to capture so I just kept trying until I got it:) Being a portrait photographer I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I use to get babies and toddlers full on attention...apparently the same tricks work on puppies to! LOL:)

She has more pictures on her blog at http://shawnakremerphotography.com/blog/

She does very nice work!





  Lorken's Delilah Jones is a black female that went to Connecticut

The new owners wrote this note after picking her up from the airport:

We have a tradition of naming our dogs after Grateful Dead songs and lyrics. Aiko, Stella Blue, and now Delilah Jones from the song Brown Eyed Women. She is adjusting quite well. She loves being outside and actually retrieved a rope toy that I threw to her this morning! She is a little intimidated by her new surroundings but this morning, she seemed much more comfortable. She loves her bed which we found funny because we thought she might not know what to do with it at first. I attached two pictures of her for you to see! Thank you so much for sending us such a wonderful dog! We love her very much and are ecstatic about having her as a member of our family.


Skippy is a chocolate female that went to Alaska.  They had an older dog they wanted to introduce her to. 

After picking Skippy up at the airport the new owner wrote:

She arrived a bit late at 8 pm but was in great spirits and romped in the yard for an hour. She is gorgeous, not at all shy anymore and we are enjoying her immensely. 

Followed by:
She slept pretty well last night and is chasing old Beatrice around the yard like crazy so is adjusting quite well. 






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 Liz x FC Cosmo's Concerto Charlie Litter

Above and left: Black Male from the litter in Waupaca, WI.  Owners write:
"You guys sold us a great pup!  He's already smarter than us (yes, that
could be a problem) and we're having a great time with "Jordy".
We'll stop for a visit some time soon"  Jordy is a house dog and gun dog.


Here is a photo of Bing shortly after being placed in MA. Her family says:
"Just wanted to let you know how Bing is doing. Last night we tethered her to our bed with some old blankets under her and our daughter Rachel slept nearby on the floor. We all sacked out at about 10:00 PM and heard nothing from Bing until just before 3:00 AM. We took her out and she went to the bathroom and when we put her back in our room she whined maybe three times and then slept until 6:00 AM. What a dog! In other words, she has been great. We take walks down the driveway and around the yard and she does pretty well with that, although at times she just stops and looks. Everything is still very new.





Message from owners in MN who adopted the yellow female and a black male.  They are members from the same family:

"Hello Lori and Ken, I just wanted you to know that we had a great trip home with the puppies. We stopped a couple of times for them to do their thing and had NO accidents in the car! YEAH!!! We are very happy with the pups and Kent thought it was really cool to get the one with the white. Thanks for helping a dream come true. I will send pictures periodically so you can watch them grow. Thank you so much keep up the good work with the dogs."

5/19/08 - They go on to write:

"Lori and Ken,
We thought you would like to see some pictures of the puppies. They are doing very good and we are really enjoying them! The yellow one is Codi and the black one is Lucy. The big puppy is our 6 month old named Echo.
Once again THANK YOU! They are so smart and loveable."


Message from owners in Lower Michigan with a black female named Daisy.

"Greetings Ken & Lori
We thought we would drop you a quick note w/pic to let you know that "Daisy" made it home just fine.  After we left your place, she slept almost the entire 9hrs that it took for us to get home.  We finally arrived home at midnight (Michigan time), she woke up and was so full of energy that she kept us up for a few more hours playing :o)
She really has a loving personality and disposition. (Charlie and Liz Beth did a great job!)
We will send some more photos as she grows."





Shortly after placement we received this email from the family that adopted a yellow male they named "Charlie".  Charlie has a black Lab  brother 6 months older named Fonzi:

"Hi Ken and Lori!
  Just wanted to let you know that Charlie is doing great!  He is very loved and adored by us all.  Fonzi is a little out of sorts, but slowly getting better.  Thank you very much for our new little buddy!  I'll try and send some pictures soon!"


Just a little update on Drake... He is adjusting awesomely to his new home here in Marshfield, WI. First day he slept quite a bit, but then his true colors came out by the next day. He is a fun loving little dude. He has energy to spare when he is playing with us, then like any puppy he gets pooped out and crashes for a bit.
He appears to have incredible instincts thus far. He can smell like no other pup I've seen. I can't hide his reward treats when working with him... he finds them in my pockets every time! He is already fetching a ball and he comes to his name and sits nicely waiting for his reward. I'm stunned thus far by all of the above, but then he came from great parents so I shouldn't be!  We have been very impressed with both of you and we have enjoyed working with you in acquiring an outstanding lab puppy! This has only been reinforced with your thoroughness and reference follow-up website on Lizzy's litter. We are enjoying seeing how the other pups are doing. We will keep you posted on Drake's progress periodically.

Below is Drake's first hunt at 4 1/2 months old!  The family writes, "See how big your little guy is now...He is an incredible dog, fun loving & Smart.  We did a little duck hunting this fall.  He made his first retrieve!  It was (our daughter's) first duck hunt as well.  He continues to learn, we're working on double retrieves right now.  Crusted snow is slowing us down..."  To the right is Drake at 6 months old.


July 10, 2007 - Black female
Regal is adjusting very well.   We went to see fireworks Saturday night, and she played the whole time.  I think she finally realized she wasn't going home Sunday morning, but soon it was time to play again.  We have a small kid's swimming pool, and she loves it.  She was in and out all day, she tried to sit and didn't like it when her butt started to float.  She played so hard we had to wake her up Monday morning to go out.  She is so animated, and is just about the most beautiful puppy I've ever seen.  We are so happy to have her.  I've attached one of my favorite pictures that shows just how silly she is.


Three Lake, WI. I just wanted to tell you again that it was nice meeting the two of  you Monday night, and the pup is doing great! She is just a sweetie!  I think we have decided to name her "Roxy" because she keeps chewing on all the rocks in the yard! She tries really hard to play with our  wire-hair pointer, but Radar is a little rough for her. It's fun to  watch them try to play, though. The first night she didn't sleep too well; it's amazing the noise something that small can make! But last  night she slept between us in a king-sized bed and did much better!  Looks like she is going to be a very spoiled girl! I also took her to  meet my mother last night and she loved her, too! Roxy also got to  meet my daughter's two labs (a big yellow and chocolate). I think  they were afraid of her!
Update with photo 7/24/2007Sorry I didn't get a photo of Roxy to you sooner. Here she is at 9  weeks old. Besides being beautiful, she is very smart and is learning  new things every day! We love her a lot! Her 9-week checkup went good. She weight 15 pounds!

Yellow Male July 11, 2007

Hi guys! I just wanted to give you an update and a comment for your page...along with 2 photos.
Gunner is doing fantastic! He sleeps through the night with no crying or whining at all. On his second night home, he figured out how to escape his indoor kennel...first lab of the family to figure that one out so soon! We have a little Houdini on our hands. He already responds to his name and is doing extremely well with "here" and "sit". We are blessed with an intelligent and loving lab. He has completed our family. THANK YOU!!!!

Update 7/25/07
Just wanted to give you another update on Gunner. He had a vaccination today and weighed in at 17.3 lbs. He's growing like a weed! He is learning so much every day and catching on very fast. He is by far one of the most intelligent labs we've owned! He makes himself very comfortable over the central air registers during this humid weather. (Photo below)

10/1/2007 Hi guys! Just wanted to give you an updated picture of Gunner. He is doing fantastic. Such a loving and gentle dog. Gunner loves taking long walks and playing fetch.

Black Female 7/11/07 Just wanted to send you a report on Tess. She was an angel on the way home and slept most of the ride. She also spent most of her first day sleeping. During the first night she only got up a few times and usually went potty when she was let out. The second day her puppy energy returned and spent most of her time running around the yard. Tess has adjusted very well and is already retrieving a small dummy several times in a row. I would like to thank you both for making our puppy buying experience a very enjoyable one! After dealing with you and seeing our pups potential we are sure we made the right choice in choosing a pup from a great mom like Liz!  Thanks again!




From the owner of the yellow female pup in Illinois 

7/9/07: Morgan is doing really well.  Just wanted to let you know and send you a picture of her lying like Liz does. 
She has slept on her back in the same stretch.  Thanks so much, we'll keep you up to speed with her progress.

9/7/2007: Just wanted to quickly say Morgan is still doing great.  She was at the vet yesterday and weighed in around 26lbs.  The vet said her heart sounded good and everything felt very healthy.  He thinks she will be a fairly tall pup.  She is loosing all of her baby teeth right now.  By the way, she's still a licker.  She really likes to give kisses.
I still think about Ken's comment to Morgan when we were leaving your house.  "Live a good Life"........So far, I think she's enjoying her new family.  Just think, we haven't even started hunting yet and she seems happy.  Should get even more fun for her soon.

Rylee Vanek (black) with her  adopted big sister Chloe.

The family writes,
"...Rylee is a joy and has brought so much happiness.  As you can see she is healthy and growing.  She loves the snow.  (We are) still training her and working with her.  She is just so much joy we cannot tell you how much..."