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Comments from Jesse Pup owners
(Lorken's Land Force Run)


Jess x Locked 'N' Loaded's Down and Dirty, MH
born May 3, 2016
Five of the families returned to buy a second or third puppy from Lorken Farms


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 Message Aug 9, 2016 when pup is 14 weeks old.  (still in the teething stage)
"Just wanted to send you a quick note to give you an update on Jessieís girl who we named Jo Jo.   She has added 10 pounds and grown five inches taller than when she arrived home.  She is a real pleasure when she in not pretending to be a piranha.  She is rather vocal. Not barking, but has a couple of cute growls she uses when she wants something.  She trailed and flushed her first pheasant this week and appears to have a good nose.  She has become friends with our farm cats that she frequently pays with. Jo Jo is potty trained and started obedience training last week. She sits and comes with call, hand signal or whistle. We have enjoyed every minute so far, except when she is trying to chew us to bits and look forward to everyday with Jo Jo.  -Hope all is well and Many Thanks."



"At 10 wks Muddie is getting big. We have her swimming a little, She has a great temperament and a lot more energy than we remember puppies having!"

Muddie Biavati lives in IL



Case Banazak at 9 weeks old.  His family wrote: I can send you more pictures as he gets bigger if you would like. I even got to bring him to work with me the other day and he sat in the boss's lap all day.  We are all excited with having the new pup and are having lots fun with him. 

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9 weeks.old
The Bjork family added a second pup from our kennel.  Morgan is a yellow lab and now they have Lucy.  The run a photography studio named "Little Blue Barn" in Illinois.  They wrote:  "Thank you once again for providing a terrific pup. She fits in very well with our family. As you can tell she is quite photogenic."   Photo to the right is Lucy with Morgan at 15 weeks old.


The Marx family also got a second dog from us. They got Zeus from a litter by Liz X Tiger.  Ferris is the new addition from Jess x Mud.  Photo to the left is of him stretched out for a nap at 8 weeks old. 

"Ferris is settling in well.  His kennel seems to be working even though the size is a bit larger than recommended.  Zeus and him are playing together pretty good.  Zeus is getting over his anger with us.  We received the cold shoulder for 4 days!  The kids are managing him during the day and things are great."       click on photos to enlarge                                 



Another family that got a pup from the same Liz x Tiger litter (above) from us.  Their first dog has the name Vader who is a black Lab.  Their new addition is brown and appropriately named Chewy!  No new pictures of Chewy yet, but show at 5.5 wks.
At 8 wks the family wrote:
"Chewy is very playful with Vader.  He bites at Vaderís neck quite a bit, which I really donít care for, but everyone says they are just playing. He has slept through the night several times now at the cabin.  I think he is getting a ton of exercise so is very tired at night.  He has not had an accident in his kennel yet.  Cross my fingers."





Bella Langrehr is also a second dog that this family got from us.  Sadly the family lost Abbie who was a daughter of our dog Augie.  About 6 months later Bella has now entered their lives.  A day or so after picking her up they wrote:

"Her and Lorenzo love each other. He loves to play with her and just squeals and giggles at her. They have had their rough play moments, which we are trying to control. L thinks he can act silly like a puppy and she thinks he's a puppy so it can get a bit crazy on occasion. She's good about taking a toy though or just lying down. She's sleeping better each night. I did lay by her crate to keep her quiet and last night finally got to sleep in my bed so that was good... she's great!! We are loving having her here. I actually see some similarities with Abbie in her and it's very sweet.





Within the last 15 years the Butcher family has now purchased three pups from our kennel.   Dragon was a black male from Belle X White and Midas is a yellow male from Lucy x Gunner.  They now have Lancelot from this litter with Jesse and Mud.

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Boo Bigler lives with his new family in Minnesota.  Their family had a NFC-AFC Storm's Riptide Star pup before.
This photo was taken at about 11 weeks old.

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