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Lorken's Hillview GALE Force, JH, SH
OFA 55279 Good, CERF 7852
1/25/1992 - 3/6/2006

Gale was a blocky, good looking female chocolate Labrador.  Stylish, marks triples well, lots of drive in the field and yet a very mellow, loving house dog.  Great with cats, kids, other dogs. She weighs about 75 pounds.  Has produced some fine pups both as house dogs and for gun dog/field titles.  Mother of an All Age qualified chocolate female- amateur trained and handled and Master Hunters, HRCH.  OFA good, eyes clear CERF.   At 6 years old she was brought through handling by Lori with Gale's daughter Emma and earned her SH title.  Who says old dogs don't learn new tricks. 

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Littermate to:
GMHR HRCH Day's End R & R Roxie, MH
HRCH Ptarmigan Tango
Mother of: Licensed AAQ, Derby Pts, Fox River's Running  Randy, MH
Gale's Little Rascal Spice MH, Master National Qualified
Tai-Dek No Trump,
MH Master National Qualified
HRCH MAKS Windjammer High Tide, SH (MH legs) 790+ points
Lorken's Emma Good,
SH, 4 Master legs, sanctioned AAQ, AT&H 1st place
Lazy M Raisin the Ante,
MH, Master National Qualified - >30 Master passes
Rascal's Belle Star Magnum, MH

Gale's Pedigree:

Titles listed in burgundy and hyperlinks to photos indicated in red.

Gale Grand Parents GGrand Parents GGGrand Parents
  FC0AFC-CFC Trieven Thunderhead (OFA 3878) Blk
  FC-AFC   Westwind's Bold Tiger (OFA 18354) Blk
  Dale's Double Hope (dam of 8 FC's)(OFA11490) Blk
NAFC-FC Dude's Double or Nothin' daughter)
  CFC-CAFC Pachanga Magnum Force (OFA 35856) Chlt
  Painter's Daily Double (Hi pt Derby) (OFA 24 mo) Blk
  A Painted Lady (OFA 22249) Blk
  Trieven Gambol, Blk
Lorken's Hillview Gale Force SH, Dam of 5 MH, HRCH, lis. AAQ  (OFA 55279G24F, CERF 7853) Chlt
  FC-AFC Snake-eyes Double or Nothin (OFA 6692) Blk
  CNAFC-FC-AFC Aces High III (OFA 26588 Exc) Blk
  FC-AFC Westwind's Super Bunny Babe (OFA 19729) Blk
  Aces Up (mother of GMHR, 2 HRCH's , MH) (OFA 4576 Exc) Blk
  NFC-AFC San Joaquin Honcho (OFA 4551) Blk
  FC Honcho's Karma Chameleon (OFA 21708) Blk
  Lookout Daisy's Babe (OFA 30 mo) Ylw

Gale's ancestors:

CFC-CAFC Pachanga Magnum Force, Gale's father CNAFC-FC-AFC Aces High III, Gale's Grandfather
December 12, 1985 - December 14, 2000

NAFC-FC Dudes Double or Nothin'  , Gale's GGGrandfather

FC-AFC Westwind's Bold Tiger, MHR, Grandfather
October 5, 1982 - 1996

Above: FC-AFC Snake Eyes Double or Nothin' Gale's GGrandfather

left :FC-AFC-CFC  Trieven Thunderhead, Gale's GGrandfather



Junior Qualifying Scores
1- May 29, 1993    Wisconsin Amateur Field Trail Club, Horicon, WI
2- June 12, 1993    Madison Retriever Club, Oregon, WI
3- Aug. 22, 1993    Badger Golden Retriever Club, Kansasville, WI
4- Sept. 5, 1993     Madison Retriever Club, Oregon, WI

Senior Qualifying Scores
1- Aug. 31, 1997     Madison Retriever Club, Oregon, WI
2- Sept. 6, 1997      Winnebago Retriever Club, Oregon, WI
3- Oct. 25, 1997      Central Kentucky Retriever Club, Beaver Dam, Kentucky
4- Oct. 26  1997      Central Kentucky Retriever Club, Beaver Dam, Kentucky

Never run in Master tests.

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