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Comments from Frieda Pup owners
From Erin's Edge Goose, MH
From Ten Bears Road Trip
From FC Nan-Dool's Elwood Blues

From FC-AFC Land Ahoy (Pirate)


Frieda currently has a son who is running Field Trials and took a 1st place in the only event he ran.  Northstar's Go Big or Go Home (Gauge) is shown on page 55 of the Retriever News in the Jan 2012 issue - he is the big dog on the right.


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Frieda x Ten Bears Road Trip (Tick)

This is Molly at 7 months old with her family in Wisconsin.


Hazel at 7 week left and at 7 months right above.

Hazel below at 13 weeks

Well, Hazel was 13 weeks on Sat and boy is she getting big!  I had her at the Vet on Fri and she is 26 lbs already,  She just figured out she can jump on the furniture and go down the steps.  She was able to go up the steps but once upstairs she was scared to come down, not any more.  She's too smart for her own good, she picks things up really easy. (good and bad) She started puppy class last Mon. She thinks all of the dogs there, are there to play with her.  I figured out of all the dogs that I've had, one is going to be properly trained.  Bandit and Hazel are SLOWLY becoming friends.  We had a little problem with Bandit not liking her very much, he snapped at Hazel and we had to take her to the Vet.  She was fine, just a few antibiotics and now she's good as new.  as you can see by the pics.


From owner of Scout Anschutz Chocolate Male pup 7/9/2007: Just wanted you to know that Scout is getting used to his new home. He was an angel on the way home. Lot's of sleep and not a whole lot of whining. The first night he slept and didn't make a peep. No accidents on the floor, he waited for us to take him out early in the morning. Last night I think it hit him. We let him cry it out and eventually stopped. Again he held himself until we took him out early in the morning. Today he took his first swim by the lake and loved the water. I want to thank you for everything. He looks great and is full of spunk.  Thanks again for everything and Ken...good luck hunting.
7/18/07 Scout is doing great. The other day we took him on a swim and he loves the water. I included some pictures of him swimming. He is catching on to the potty training and should be good to go in no time. This morning I took him to a small lake in the area and he was responding to his name for the first time. I am very excited to start field training him. I'll keep in touch with his progress


From a Chocolate Male pup "Ruddy" owner in Massachusetts:

7/11/07 I just talked with my husband and he picked up the dog at the airport, he said he is beautiful and was a little anxious from the plane ride at first, as he was driving home he said the dog started to settle in.  I am still at work and will be home in a couple of hours, if I could I would leave now just to see him.   Thanks again and I will send a picture of him as he grows....He is amazing, sure is a sweetheart, stays in the kitchen, has not had an accident, the minute we take him out he does his duty.  We are very happy with him and feel very lucky and fortunate to have him.  As I said I will keep your email address and touch base with you now and then to let you know how he is doing.
He is doing fine, he cried for a little bit last night but then calmed down and went to sleep,  he has not had any accidents in the house, we take him outside and he goes right away.  He is a smart little guy and we are so happy with him.  I am at work now he is at home in his crate.  I hated to leave him today but it is only for a little while.  He was fine when I put him in there this morning.  Which made me very happy because I would have been upset if he was not happy.  We have named him Ruddy, my husband and son are duck hunters and there is a duck called a Ruddy Duck, and they have only seen one in MA, I guess they normally are not here, so they decided to call him Ruddy.  He is absolutely beautiful with great green eyes. 
My dachsund Tess, really likes him and I think Ruddy was happy to have her with him.  They enjoyed playing together last night.  He did wonderful on the plane, didn't even have an accident in the crate all that time.


Sent 1/26/2008


Attached is a picture of Ruddy, 8 mos. old.  Just thought you might like to see this beautiful boy, we are absolutely thrilled with him.  He is incredibly affectionate and just loves us.  We are so happy with him and will recommend your pups to others.









From the owner of a chocolate male in Wisconsin 7/8/2007:
We just thought that we would share with you that Bullet is doing great! He is adjusting very well to his surroundings and is getting more attention and love than he knows what to do with. (Montana and Ariel do not want to put him down) He is sleeping through the night and he either barks or whines to let us know when he has to go out.
Thanks for the wonderful puppy, and we will send pictures in a couple of weeks.

Below is a photo with Bullet and his new siblings Tucker and Taffy.

Above is Bullet and Taffy a year later.
Bullet is doing very good he is a very well mannered dog who does excellent with our kids. We are please to have him as a member of our family.


About Grizzley Jackson Chocolate male in Illinois 7/9/07
Grizzley is a great puppy.  He slept the whole ride down and after settling in at night he slept in his new home just fine.  Last night he did cry around 12:30.  I did go down and see him and did take him outside.  He went to the bathroom right away and just cried a little after that.  He's a terrific pup and a really really sweet disposition.

Below is Drake Schuster Xmas 2007


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Frieda x FC-AFC Land Ahoy (Pirate)


A Male pup from this litter visited our kennel for his 1st birthday in April.  He, his sister Jesse and mom Frieda got to run and play for a while.  Skittles is a large muscular dog who is very friendly and wanting to please.  Weighed 93 pounds at 1 year old.
















One pup from this litter went to Alaska.  His new owner provided the photo below right after the pup arrived on the airplane at 8 weeks old.  She writes, "I don't have a name for him yet, but I am working on it. I wanted to meet him first. He had a great night; slept all the way through. He has been interacting and playing with his new family- two chocolate labs, and a corgi. He is fitting in very nicely as he is calm and a big lover! :)"

Gauge's owner won the first Derby he was run in!

I thought you might like to see what a beautiful dog “Gauge” has turned out to be.  He came home the last week of July (2011) and I ran him in the Derby of our last trial of the season in early August.  

He ran an awesome trial.









This is the pup we kept at 8 weeks old.  Her name is Jesse (Officially she is Lorken's Land Force Run)



Frieda x Erin's Edge Goose, MH

5/4/08 from the owner of a male pup in Wisconsin:

"Derby was a very good boy on the drive home, he whined just a bit at first when we left so I took off my sweatshirt and put it in the crate with him-I figured it smelled of his siblings yet and might help him sleep.  We almost made it all the way home before he needed to potty, a couple of times he sat up and just looked around from the crate but then curled back up to sleep.
He was very interested in meeting the big dogs once we arrived home.  Lucy the yellow Lab really like Derby, Crockett thinks he should go back where he came from-he still wants to be the baby!  I'm sure he'll warm up to him, he does love to play with most dogs.  Dixie my old girl took it all in stride-she has been around lots of pups over the years.
Derby slept pretty good in his crate last night, I can tell he is used to going in and out of the crate-he readily was bouncing in and out of his while I had it in the living room during the evening.  He'd take a toy and run in there so the big dogs couldn't get it."

These wonderful photos were taken by Laurie J. Erickson of a dog named Derby. Derby's owner has used this photographer before and highly recommends her!  Derby is a male pup that the owner plans to run in AKC Agility.


From the new home of the chocolate female in Nebraska:
"The little chocolate female pup made it home to Nebraska just fine last night.  We decided to name her Riverview's Lazy "Summer".  She traveled very well in the car and gets along nicely with the two retired dogs.  She slept in a laundry basket next to our bed last night. We love how quiet of a puppy she is."




"Packer from Lindstrom, Minnesota is great!  He is enjoying his family 
and all four girls just adore him.  He goes on lots of walks, been 
swimming a few times, and loves his toy squirrel.  He is getting so 
big so fast.  Thanks Dollevoets for such a wonderful pup!"










Largest Chocolate Male

"Hi Lori & Ken, Payne was very good on the car ride back to Milwaukee. He whined a bit and yawned a lot, but eventually perked up and started looking around at everything passing by. He held having to use the bathroom the whole way home but had a little accident as soon as we got inside. Since then he has let us know when he has to go and we take him right outside. He was a little frightened of people and cars the first few trips outside, but has since started to explore everything around him. He fell asleep on the floor last night and we put him in his kennel. He didn't fuss a bit, but did wake us up to let him go outside around 2am. We fed him today at 6am. Since then, he's played a bunch and napped a bunch. He's started to realize what "Payne, No" means as well as "Payne, Here." He loves to lay on your feet to nap and loves to pounce on his toys. Attached is a picture to give you an idea. We'll send more as he grows!"

Saturday, May 24, 2008
Here are some pictures of Payne at 9 & 10 weeks to update your site with. He is really growing fast. We were at the vet on Monday and he weighed in at almost 20 lbs. The first picture is at 9 weeks, he is just hanging out on the floor. The second picture is at 10 weeks. He loves to play with our neighbor's dog, Stella. They get along great and she is really motherly towards Payne. He's learning a lot and is super smart, but a bit stubborn at times. We decided to give him the AKC name "No Payne, No Gain." We'll be sure to send more pictures as he grows! Thanks again.



This is a picture of a male pup who lives in Custer, WI:

5/6/08 Here are some of the photo's we took of Dylan this weekend when we met him. He is doing so well and my parent's have fallen in love!







Just wanted to drop you a note, Jovi is doing great!  He laid on mom's lap the whole way home.  He was a little shy finding and sniffing his way around the kitchen and living room.  Slept from 9 to 5:30 this morning.    No whining or barking  last night. Today was so much fun. He was more active, yet slept a lot. This morning was funny when he would notice his reflection in the glass. He is doing well with the potty training.  Nipping more today and being more adventurous around the kitchen and living room.  He is sleeping now. He is such a joy, you two have worked well with him.


Barkley is doing great. She continues to amaze us at how smart and well behaved she is for being so young. We had her at the vet for her first round of shots and got a clean bill of health from our vet. Thank you again for providing us a great dog. The whole is experience with guys was great start to finish!.


Greetings from Maine!  We just wanted to give you a quick update on Gauge.  He is doing very well.  He is a very intelligent pup with lots of spunk and personality.  He is very persistent and boy, does he love to retrieve...practically everything he can get his mouth on.  But I suppose that's a good thing for his future job requirements.   Gauge is just now moving into some of the more disciplined training...working on "stay" and "heel".  He loves playing fun bumpers.  We have made a casual introduction to the water with Gauge, but nothing too extensive.  He definitely doesn't have fear of much.  Gauge is great with the kids and they are learning to be more careful picking up their toys so Gauge doesn't get them.  The adjustment with our older nine year old lab has been difficult at times, but it gets better every day.  Gauge has gotten nipped a few times but he keeps going back for more. 

We have forwarded a few pictures of Gauge for you to post if you wish.  The pictures were taken by a friend of ours named Linda O'kresik.  She used to work at the Baltimore Sun.  Now, she works for our local newspaper and does a lot of freelance photography as a personal business...weddings and such.  You can view her work at lcophotography.com .  She does great work...I certainly can't take much credit for these pics.  The pics are of Gauge at thirteen weeks. (Above and Below)


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Freida x FC Nan-Dool's Elwood Blues

These two pups went to friends who work together.  So these guys will be keeping in touch with each other.  The pup looking at us is Rocky.  His owner bought a Gale pup from us a number of years ago he named Jake and now has Rocky joining the family too.  Also laying in the crate is Jersey.  Jersey has the white chin and chest.  This photo was sent right after Jersey was picked up and the owner writes:
"When I left your house you could tell Jersey was very upset.  When I got  back to work Pete had returned.  He put my pup in with his pup and they both calmed down and this is the result.  I love this picture."  We took the photo below just before Jersey left.


6/05 One of the male pups family writes:

Wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Moose is adjusting just fine to his new home. Attached is a picture of him laying down with my son Gabe a few minutes after we got him home. He was remarkably calm in the car on the way here and ate and pottied when we stopped. He's on a good schedule and we honestly couldn't be more pleased. He might have a bit of beaver somewhere in his bloodline ;-) but a quick trip to the store for a thousand more chew toys and its not a problem. He is just the sweetest, most lovable guy! We'll keep you updated.
Jan 06-Thank you for the great Christmas card!! What a surprise! It's almost impossible to remember when our big huge Moose was that little.
He is doing just great, a wonderful companion - I'd say he's a true laprador like his mom but he'll sit just about anywhere (see picture below)!


From New Bedford, MA:

Cody is doing fine with puppy retrieves and basic commands of sit, down, come (as long as I have a puppy bumper in my hand) and a form of loose healing as commanded by, "Come Along". He does have a keen interest in all birds at this time and closely watches them, both on the ground and in the air. Ann and I have seen Cody on point with his tail out straight and his left leg pointing. I've just received some pheasant wings, which I will be using on the bumpers for pointing and retrieving in conjunction with the dead fowl teal with duck scent. Here he is looking at a pigeon.


Other comments from Slinger, WI:
Wanted to give you an update on Kona.. (Female puppy from Frieda) ..Kona has already mastered the sit command and I am working with her every day on short retrieves .She has a lot of desire and I am hoping to introduce her to water this week.. Like all puppies, she needs constant monitoring and we can never have too many chew toys around the house.. 
 Looking forward to fall and getting her started on some game farm pheasants I ever ordered for her.. Hope to send you a picture of her first pheasant retrieve later in the year..
1/06- Here are some recent pictures of Kona.. I had a chance to shoot some geese and pheasants over her this past fall and I have been real happy with her development.. Kona has a great nose and she really has been improving on her marking and retrieving skills. I received a dog training permit in December and have been releasing pheasants for her. She gets better each time out and I am really looking forward to a lot of great hunting seasons with her. We are really happy we selected Lorken Farms when we decided to get a new puppy last year..


This is Jade from Delaware.  Her owner writes that this photo was of her 'first formal land mark with his training group at age 10 weeks.  Below he writes, "This is a picture of Jades first water mark at 10 weeks,  she loves the water, can't keep her out of it."


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