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Emma and FC-AFC Whitie IV litter
Born Dec 3, 2003 - all pups are now placed
Once the pups begin life in their new home their personalities seem to begin showing up more.

Comments from the new families:

"Ranger did great on the ride home. Never made a peep. He is doing great with crate training. He is so smart. He already comes to his name. He and Max are getting along great. Max thinks he is supposed to play with him non-stop! I am sending you a picture of Max and Ranger in this e-mail."  (This family in Ohio has a chocolate male pup that is Ranger's Nephew!  Max is a Grandson of Emma x NFC-AFC Storm's Riptide Star and about 5 months old right now- below)


Scout is a male who lives in Wisconsin.  His family writes,
"I just thought I would send you a few photos of Scout as he spent his first day with us.  Turns out he loves snow.  I think he is enjoying his new big buddy, Clancy.  Clancy isn't real thrilled to be going through the ankle biting stage again, however.  My boys are very excited about him.  I will send pictures periodically."

Later ..."I think Clancy and Scout have taken to each other.  This is a shot of the two napping together on their couch.  Scout continues to do very well.  He is so smart and is developing quite a personality.  He likes to cuddle but has a lot of independence, as well.  He loves to play, especially with the boys."


From Michigan here is Peyton: 
"I can't believe how well he likes to retrieve!  I only make about 3 throws with his toys after getting him all excited and he brings them back with tail wagging every time - I mean EVERY time!  - It's fun watching him gain his confidence with the new surroundings!  He used to just follow my heels outside on a little patio I shoveled off, but then he started to walk around it on his own.  So I decided to see how he would do in the snow (we only go for a minute because I know his paws are still sensitive) and would take a few steps off the patio and out into the deeper snow in the yard.  He started off with only a couple steps, and always at heel, but this morning, as I was walking the little loop we've created in the back yard, I feel him barrel on past me and get out in front!  Great!  And as we went for the morning walk, he was running back and forth across the street checking out mailboxes and garbage (it's garbage day today).  So, it looks like he's adjusted! -He likes the couch!  He can't get up there on his own, but when I sit there, he wants up.  And when he's done playing on his own and I'm not in the room, I've seen him trying to get up there on his own!  Pretty funny!"

Peyton Xmas 04
12/04 ...

Merry Christmas!  Lots has happened in our lives this year - we got married, moved to Indiana, and we have watched Peyton grow.  He loves to hunt with Nathan and has brought us many smiles.  He is a smart, loving dog and our pride and joy.  Thank you!  ...

If I might add, he was outstanding this fall during a week and a half duck and pheasant hunt in ND and SD.  What a great dog!


July 2004  - From Texas

Here are some updated photos of Woody (I PROMISE THIS IS GOING TO BE THE LAST NAME CHANGE); my Father-in-Law said he looks more like a Woody than a Roux.  His full registered name will be 'Capt. Woodrow F. Call', whenever I get around to submitting the documents that is. 

Woody is turning out to be the most intelligent Lab I have ever had the privilege to welcome into my family, not to mention he is a quick study.  I already have him doing forced retrieves on whistle... all this at the rape
age of 7 months.  Woody will be going off for HT training at Sulphur River Kennels (SRK) under the guidance of Mr. Steve Stidham some time this winter... wish us luck. 

Thanks again for providing us a valued member to our family.


This is Liz our little girl from the litter.  She likes playing under our Franklin stove.  As I laid on the floor to take her photo she had to come check out the camera and what I was doing. 


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