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Emma's pups are well loved family dogs, gun dogs, run HRCH, Hunt Tests (at least one Master Hunter) and Agility/flyball.  Though never trained at it, Emma is a natural pointer and has thrown that trait to a number of her pups.

Emma x NFC-AFC Storm's Riptide Star
Emma x FC-AFC Whitie IV


Emma x NFC-AFC Storm's Riptide Star Pups:

" We call her Murphy's Miss Callahan (Calli for short).  It stuck!  She's become an office dog.  She's under Lauree's desk right now snoozing!  We swear she's almost doubled in weight since we brought her home.

As of 2004 Calli has her Senior Hunter and is working on her Master Title.

2007 the owner wrote to tell us that Calli is a Master Hunter!




Rascal x Emma Pup
"Hi There, As you can see Ripple is enjoying her surroundings."
Ripple lives in Pennsylvania


This is a pup of Emma and NFC-AFC Storm's Riptide Star (Rascal)

 Xmas card sent to us by Murphy's family in Illinois.  They write: "We enjoy Murphy everyday.  He is a wonderful dog.   He actually loved having his picture taken with the antlers on!  He is a bit of a clown."

murphy.jpg (12366 bytes)


This is a NFC-AFC Storm's Riptide Star x Lorken's Emma Good, SH 3 months old
Aubie.bmp (534038 bytes)
 Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how Aubie is doing.  We could not be more pleased with our little pup.  He is loving life, and doing new things every day.  He has been the best addition to our home yet.  Believe it or not, he never pees in the house, does not chew on furniture, and loves to retrieve and do what you ask him to.  I have started him in the ways of a working dog the best I know how, which is not too well.  Aubie is being patient with me though.  We have the basics down for the most part.  He loves walks in the woods. When the snow melt created a 50'x50'x6" deep water hole on our back yard, the pup all of a sudden seemed to focus more on his bumper than on his surroundings.  He appears to love the water regardless of the rather chilly temperature.  Needless to say, I am pleased with how he is doing as a pet and as a retriever.


Kasey.tif (178041 bytes) This is a NFC-AFC Storm's Riptide Star x Lorken's Emma Good, SH female pup. Kasey was a birthday present for a young lady named Nicole.  Her parents write: 

 Thought  you might appreciate the enclosed photos.  Kasey has been a great puppy.  She finished eight weeks of obedience class and has plenty of field work.  Last week she retrieved her first pheasant.
Thanks for making Nicole's tenth birthday a memorable date.


Kasey1.tif (277152 bytes)


This is a NFC-AFC Storm's Riptide Star x Lorken's Emma Good, SH  pup at 4 months old.  The owners   say,

"We are very pleased with Zeke.  After 1 week, he was going to the door & barking to go out.  He is very trainable.  He learned to sit & shake within a day & about 5 minutes to learn to lay down.   Scott has bought him a training duck & he loves to fetch it.  We have also taken him to the creek & he really likes the water. He has definitely been fun & entertaining.  We are expecting a little one any day now & I'm anxious to see how he does around a baby.  He is really great with kids."

webzeke.tif (324924 bytes)
This is a NFC-AFC Storm's Riptide Star x Lorken's Emma Good, SH female pup. This Picture is of her at 6 months. Belle lives in Minnesota and the end of 1999 earned her Junior Hunter title.  Her owner wrote...

"Belle ended up with over 70 real retrieves for the season. No losses that were her fault. I had her in N.Dakota the week after I sent you the last e-mail. She did great there too. We only shot a few geese, but she retrieved them when a buddy's veteran dog wouldn't."


Lorken's Chocolate Bismark CD OA NAJ TN-N FM CGC WC  can be seen in:

Agility NADAC Agility, Novice Tunnelers
Field, WC (Working Certificate)
Flyball, FD, FDX Fly Ball Excellent, FDCh title 10/1/2000 Flyball Champion.
Companion Dog obediance title.
Novice Jumpers with Weaves title
Open Standard Agility (OA).
This is Bismark on a flyball jump.
1 leg on Junior Hunter Title.

See more on his web page at: http://www.madcitydog.com/Spotlight/Agility/Charlie&Bismark.htm

Lorken's Chocolate Brisco TD OA NAJ RN
. SN89998701


An owner of a littermate in Wisconsin writes:
I have been wanting to drop you a note for awhile to update you as to what is happening with Sage.
If you remember, Sage is a pup out of Rascal / Emma's last breeding. You watched her for a week last April when I went to Florida with my family.
I can honestly say that Sage is probably the best, most trainable dog I have ever owned. She is very quick to catch on and is extremely eager to please. Her enthusiasm is noticed by all who see her.

We are currently attending obedience school, and I've been working in the yard with bumpers since I brought her home.
My family and I couldn't be happier with Sage. My 8 year old black lab loves to play with her too.

The photo above  is a NFC-AFC Storm's Riptide Star x Lorken's Emma Good, SH female pup. His family says he enjoying lying around on the family couch.  He lives in a pet home and is loved dearly.


This is a NFC-AFC Storm's Riptide Star x Lorken's Emma Good, SH.  His owner in Utah writes,

Kona completed his Jr. Hunter Title. The judge said that Kona is a "special dog", one that "anyone would want to have as a hunting companion". We were so proud of him. He ran such a straight line out to the flyer and then back, running between the 2 large geese decoys. Most of the other dogs veered off to either side of the decoys. Know its back to school to prepare for the Sr. and the Masters.


alyssophie.jpg (40296 bytes) sophie.jpg (25459 bytes)
Just a quick update for you on Sophie the pup we got from the Emma/Rascal litter born Dec 18.    She did great on the plane, had no problems when she got home.  She was a little restless in the kennel the first night...but it was in our room and we kept a radio on for her so after night 2 she was right at home.   She is a great family dog so far and gets along great with the kids.   I have a 3 year old and a 2 year old that just love her and I know Sophie enjoys being with them too.  Here are a few picts for your website.
Bailey Gavin's Irish Dream. 
Rascal x Emma. 

Owners write, "...At 65 pounds and 10 months she is doing awesome ... She has a great disposition and is eager to learn.  Her water entry is incredible." 




This is Darla who lives in New York.


To the right are two males from Emma and Rascal working various AKC titles: 

Trapper earned his TD title this past Sunday.  He had a 450 yard track, 4
turns, and we completed it in less than three minutes.  Cover was
considerable (we call it good retriever tracking cover), about 12-16 inches
high, lots of shrubs and raspberry patches.  He did just great.  Looking
forward to getting him into TDX this fall if we can get drawn for the tests.

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Emma was bred once to FC-AFC Carolina's Smoke on the Water

Sept 2011

Hi Lori and Ken,


Stella will be turning 8 this spring and I am thinking about getting a new pup soon.  She has been a great dog, very birdie and listens well.  She is just plain crazy about playing fetch.  Attached are a couple of photos from SD.  You can see how happy/proud she is in the first one. 

Do you plan on breading Liz again in the near future?














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