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Locked 'N' Loaded's Down and Dirty, MH x Lorken's Return to Sender (Elma)
Litter born April 30, 2017
Photos of puppies as they grow



Sire: Locked "n' Loaded Down and Dirty, MH (Mud)

Dam:  Lorken's Return to Sender

Sire:  Locked 'N' Loaded's Down and Dirty "Mud', MH.  Mud is a good looking 80 pound Lab who earned his Master Hunter title at the age of 22 months.  He is a very trainable dog with a great attitude, desire to please and overall temperament.  He has both the natural talent for the field as well as the great house disposition.  He is amateur trained and enjoys both upland and waterfowl hunts.  He is continuing to be run in AKC hunt tests.  We strive to produce pups that have this combination of intelligence, natural talent, trainability and house disposition.  The looks is a plus.

Dam: Lorken's Return to Sender "Elma" is a nice looking dark chocolate dog weighing about 70 pounds.  She has a wonderful house personality and is very intelligent, friendly and responsive to people.  She has a very nice pedigree for field work and health certifications. Her father is a littermate to the famous chocolate named FC-AFC-CFC-NCAFC Upon the Wings of an Answered Prayer "Ammo" and he has an open win toward his FC/AFC title along with a Master Hunter title.  Elma has a great nose and desire in the field.  Elma enjoys working our 90 acre property and ponds as well as her daily runs and walks.  She is a very enjoyable dog and traced back to our earlier breedings with Lorken's Elma Good and NFC-AFC Storm's Riptide Star (Rascal).



Locked 'N' Loaded's Down and Dirty, MH  (Mud)
OFA  192382G
CERF 363567
EL 53648
EIC clear D09-025531
CNM clear by parentage

 It's All Over Now Baby Blue

OFA 136339E  Blk/Chlt
CNM & EIC Clear
FC-AFC  Tiger McBunn
OFA 110631/CERF 18909  Blk-c-y
EIC Clear

2x NAFC-2x CNAFC-FC Ebonstar Lean Mac OFA 46627G/CERF 6972, Blk-y

CNFC-CNAFC Waldorf's Hi Tech OFA 22799 Ylw
Eboneaceae Princess (AAQ), WCX
OFA 21503 exc, Blk
Hattie McBunn
OFA 47193 excellent,
8941 Blk-c
Gusto's Last Control

OFA 27987 exc, Blk-c  (Photo)
Lakeside Icicle
OFA 20925, Blk-y-c 
Dam of 4 FC's
Gator Pt's Sweet Potato Pie

OFA 58612G/CERF 10603  Chlt
CFC-CAFC Pachanga Magnum Force
OFA 35856
6602  Chlt
FC-AFC Westwinds Bold Tiger                
A Painted Lady
OFA 22249              Blk-y-c
HRCH Gator Pts. Roc N Moon Pie
OFA 45527G 
CERF 6792    Chlt
FC Mueller's Stormy Canada                  
Gator Point's Lena Lou
OFA 27642G           Chlt
Heidl's Believe It or Not, MH

OFA  174686G
CERF 53278         

CNM 19-225-F-PIV clear
UH HRCH Heidl's Mallard Machine, MH  "Swiper"
OFA  141626G
CERF 39536, EL 29781       
CNM06-696 clear     Chlt
FC Free Par Shooter
OFA 83466G /CERF 21031
Series 7 of 2000 National Open Field Trial
Blue Bill Double or Nothin
OFA 29870G, Blk
(Sire of ~15 titled dogs.    (Open win)
Steel Magnolia Double O Nothin' 
OFA 44748G, Blk/Chlt
Topbrass I Wanna Be a Star CD, MH
OFA 113614G/Cerf 29645
EL 12828           Blk-c
NFC-AFC Storm's Riptide Star  "Rascal"

OFA 52224G CERF 8223 Chlt
Topbrass I Wanna Be Special OFA 892517E  Blk
Alexis Return to Sender, MH
OFA 118077E
CERF 32146       Blk


Lesser's Long Range Sniper, MH
OFA  104143G/CERF 26347 EL 10279       Blk
Donnybrooks Homeboy, MH
OFA 70482E Blk
Black Lace XXX
OFA 76476G  Blk
Grinde's Samantha
SN42965503    Blk
Nimbar's River's N Valleys Blk
Nimbar's Valley Ying-Yang Blk









Lorken's Return to Sender (Elma)
OFA 222099G
CERF normal 8047/16F -VPI
EIC clear 3050/16F -VPI
both parents CNM negative

Bayou Magic's Rouxster Bleu, MH, QAA  w/Open Win toward FC

DOB: 12/14/2008
OFA 192081E
EL 504466
EIC clear
CNM clear by parents

Littermate of
FC-AFC-CFC-CNAFC Upon the Wings of an Answered Prayer (Ammo)

Wing Magic's Louisiana Roux, MH

OFA 156950G
CERF 15676
CNM clear

FC-AFC Way-Da-Go Call of the Wild


Cyda's Blue Rider, MH

OFA 104809G
EL 10452
CERF 19854
FC-AFC-CFC-CAFC Barracuda Blue, MH

OFA 47421G
CERF 6981   Chlt
Higher Grounds Hellen Keller
littermate of NFC-AFC Storm's Riptide Star
Way-Da-Go Answered Prayer

OFA 135749G
EL 20180
CERF 37546
River Oaks Way-Da-Go Rocky
OFA 29519
CERF 7545
FC-AFC Candlewood's Oprah Win-For-Me

OFA 52954G
Cerf 19133  Blk
GRMPR Santa Fe's Contender Tyra, MH

OFA 155459G
CNM clear 06-753
Candlewood's Red Hot Spur, MH 
OFA 91697G
CERF 17190
EIC 2066/201 clear
River Oaks Way-Da-Go Rocky
OFA 29519
CERF 7545
Candlewoods Coco Chin
OFA 68744G
Edgefield's Princess Warrior
OFA 135424G
FC-AFC Tiger McBunn
OFA 110631G
CERF 18909
EIC/CNM clear
2x NAFC-2x CNAFC-FC Ebonstar Lean Mac and
NAFC-FC Hattie McBunn
Candlewood Zips Classical Jazz, MH
OFA 88737G
GMHR UH HR Strege's High Flying HALO SH

DOB: 8/19/2006
OFA 177134G
EIC 97/24F
CNM clear
CNM08-851 PIV
CERF 53038
CHIC# 54133

Littermate of

GMHR HRCH Mountain's Top Watermarkn' Woody
CNM clear PIV


Nan-Dool Elwood Blues

OFA 73378G
cerf 23030
River Oaks Way-Da-Go Rocky

OFA 29519
CERF 7545

FC-AFC Canis Major's River Bear
OFA 9150 ex Blk-c-y
Timberlane's Samantha
OFA 21094 ex   Blk-c
FC-AFC Echo's Triple Ruff and Ready

OFA 22919   Blk-c
89 Open-High Point Bitch, Qualified for 4 Nationals, 1 National Amateur, 1990 National Finalist
FC-AFC Volwood's Ruff and Ready

OFA 9844
Haverhill Archer's Red Echo
Crossroads Creme De'Cocoa

OFA 140967G
Cerf 32759
CNM clear PIV


FC Watermark's Texas Welcome, MH-HRCH (Howdy) 
OFA 10139G
Cerf 25586
2x NAFC-2x CNAFC-FC Ebonstar Lean Mac
OFA 46627G/CERF 6972, Blk-y
FC-AFC Gator Pt's Sweet Potato Pie

OFA  45527G
Cerf 10603
Labsky's Murphy Brown, JH
OFA 101392G Chlt
Cerf 20096

Emma x Rascal pup

NFC-AFC Storm's Riptide Star "Rascal"  (Photo)
OFA 52224G CERF 8223 Chlt

Lorken's Emma Good, SH
OFA 78674 G
EL4666/CERF 12382
CHIC number 2498  Chlt-y

Sanctioned AAQ,
AT&H Winner, Ducks Unlimited Finalist, 4 MH legs before injury
. Dam of MC Lorken Coldwater Riptide, MH


Get more information about HOW TO READ PEDIGREES AND TITLES  More can be found on the trials and tests page


Briefly the Hunt test titles appear after the name of the dog.  These are titles given to a dog for achieving a standard of simulated hunting performance.  Any dog that meets the required level in a Hunt Test will earn a ribbon toward  a title as opposed to only 1 dog in the Field Championships taking a 1st place.  Hunt test titles do not differentiate whether a professional or amateur handler runs the dog.
AKC titles

JH = Junior Hunter.  Requires basic retrieves of singles (one shot bird) to hand. 
SH = Senior Hunter.  Requires dog be steady to shot, retrieves double marks to hand, capable of running blinds to retrieve birds the dog has not seen fall by taking commands and hand signals, ability to handle diversion shot birds, hidden guns.
MH = Master Hunter.  Requires ability to handle multiple shot birds at once as well as all of the Senior Hunter requirements.  Generally the tests will set up much more difficult situations than the Senior.
MHR = For dogs that earn 5 Master tests in a year they are able to run the Master National Test.  If a dog passes a Master National test at least 2 times, it earns the MHR title.

UKC titles
SHR = Started Hunting Retriever.  Dog earns 10 pts at started level and 2 additional test
HR = Hunting Retriever.  Dog must earn 40 points with 50 from Seasoned or Finished level
HRCH = Hunting Retriever Champion.  Dog acquires 100 points with 60 of them at the finished level.


GMRH Grand Master Hunting Retriever (Highest NAHRA award and similar to the AKC Hunt Tests). UKC title earned from achieving 220 points at the Finished level and 80 points from HRC.


The Field Championship titles appear before the name.  They are AKC's competitive Field work titles-simulating hunting.  Similar to the Hunt Tests but usually much further distances and more demanding tests.  (We generally breed to Field Trial dogs because they are the best of the best due to the competitive nature of the test and need for intelligence and trainability.)
Derby Points = Competitive tests run for dogs under 2 years of age.  Points awarded for placements.


AAQ = All Age Qualified. This is not a title but indicates a dog has earned either a 1st or 2nd place in the Qualifying event and is now capable of running the FC or AFC events.
FC = Field Champion, can be handled by either a professional trainer or an amateur handler.
AFC = Amateur Field Champion, dog can only be handled by an amateur person, usually the owner of the dog.
Points are awarded for placements.  At least one win is required and then the accumulation of enough points for the title.
NFC = National Field Champion, only 1 dog per year earns this title - a sort of Super bowl playoff between top dogs of the year.
NAFC = National Amateur Field Champion, same as NFC above but handled by an Amateur person.

CANADIAN Field Trial Titles


The letter "C" in front of the above titles indicate the same titles except that they are Canadian titles and not American. 


Lorken Guarantee
Lorken Farms provides a written health guarantee for 2 years 2 months on the hips (OFA approval) x-ray without the use of anesthesia.  Pups will have dewclaws removed, have first shots, be home socialized and exposed to game farm birds or wings.  We provide a starter sample package of puppy chow along with a written record of shots, worming schedule and veterinarian exam.  AKC papers are for full registration.  You do not need to use the name Lorken in your pup's registered name but we will sign approval if you wish to use it. 

Note: no pup from this litter will have EIC or CNM because both parents need to be carriers and NEITHER are carriers.  Hips cannot be genetically controlled to a definite extent, but one needs to do their best to be aware of any dogs that have hip dysplasia since they would simply be more likely to possibly throw this disorder.  One cannot completely eliminate this issue with genetic testing like they can with EIC and CNM but we have used dogs that are either Excellent or at least Good hip conformation just to try to do our best to breed around that genetic possibility.  One should always feed their dog a good dog food and to avoid accidents and rough activities while the bones are still growing.

Deposits being accepted to reserve a pup.