Lorken Farms, Labrador Retrievers, Fremont, WI 

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Comments from Elma Pup owners
(Lorken's Return to Sender (Elma))

Elma x Locked 'N' Loaded's Down and Dirty, MH
born April 30, 2017 all chocolate

Five of the 10 families had a previous puppy from Lorken Farms and were getting another
See photos of the litter as they grew.

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Fenway Schwartz lives in Oshkosh, WI.  Photos at 1.6 years old.

"Hi!! We bought one of Elma's Puppies who had the orange collar.  (In looking back at your papers provided he was the biggest of the litter...and may still be lol:)  He basically picked us out by following us around that day. We were just looking at pictures online of his siblings and funny how he acts like some.  Fenway is a beautiful big boy!!! We would love to stud him out because it would be a shame not to but really don't know where to start.

He is a great swimmer!  Loves to snuggle (although we don't believe he knows how big he is) and of course loves to fetch.  (His paw is bigger than my hand).  He's so funny he wants to play fetch so bad that the nerf gun is kept outside that shoots tennis balls... he lays outside the box it's kept in until someone plays with him.  Thanks you and hope you enjoy hearing about the little baby :)"


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Tucker lives in Wisconsin. His family says,

"This is Tucker Mathison. He's settled in really well and is loving all of his dog "neighbors". We went on vacation this week to the Dells and had so many compliments on how handsome he is :) And he loves playing in the water!  @ 8 weeks"   

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Mud Kirkman lies in MN. 
"We made it home!  The pup slept in my lap the whole way!  He checked out the yard, my garden and the house.   I think he'll like it here!  He has made his way to our hearts!  We love him!
Nice meeting you and Ken today!  We'll keep in touch-"

At about 1 1/2  years old Muddy's owners wrote:
Hi Lori!  I wanted to let you and Ken know how your pup is doing!  He's full grown, handsome, well trained and well loved! 
We couldn't have asked for a better dog!  He is intelligent and calm!  It's been a joy for me, as an amateur to work with him! 
He's my boy, but retrieves for Dave too.  Return to Sender and Mud did good. 
We're so happy with our pup from their litter, and I'm pretty certain he is happy with us, too!

Click on photo for enlargement.  Photo of them duck hunting.

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Beau Notestine lives in Arizona

After he arrived his family wrote:
"Hi Ken and Lori, just wanted to let you know that I made it to Arizona this afternoon.  Beaux has been an absolute jewel, taking all his new adventures in stride."  They sent a photo of him on July 4th taking a nap on his back.

Beau at 7 months old.  We can't believe he's seven months old.  He's so smart, already knowing sit, stay, come (mostly), walking calmly on the leash and retrieving balls.  Everyone who meets him says how beautiful he is.

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Rip Perry is in MA.- His family wrote:  "He looks so grown up.  He is doing great, growing so fast…  He is a smart little fella… We just love him, lot of energy…."

At 4 months Rip and his Dad took a break from hunting for a photo. That's quite young to be able to do gun dog work.

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Gus Fulcer in Illinois

"Gus (black collar) has been a wonderful puppy. At 8 he weeks learned to sit and is doing excellent with heal and walking on the leash. He has to be next to a person when you go from room to room. He loves to be with people."

July 28th 2017 they wrote, "Gus is a pup on the go! We take him everywhere and people look forward to us bringing him. Here he is at lacrosse practice!  Next picture is him and his 1/2 brother Trigg! They play daily together! My vet loved your website and I have given it to a lot of people for future litters! So let me know and I have 3 people interested for next year!"  The last photo is of his 1st birthday celebration.

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Otis was the last pup placed after someone backed out last minute.  He went to California to a family who had bought a pup from us in the past.  He spent a couple of days with us after the litter left before he could be shipped.    Otis Cuevas's family wrote to us the day after getting him:

" Wow, what a great pup, tossed a tennis ball and he already retrieved it.  I sit down and he comes waddling to me.  We are crate training him so me and the wife are taking turns sleeping on the couch next to his kennel." 

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Riff Rathsack in Wisconsin enjoys camping with his brother Benny.  In Oct 2018 (1 1/2 yrs old) a photo was taken on a hunt up north.


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Lucy Rooney lives in Iowa.  She is the 2nd pup the Rooney family got from us.  In July they wrote,

"Hi! Lucy has grown so much. She was in for her last round of shots yesterday and she weighed in at 25 pounds. She was 18 at her last one! She is such a great dog and is the perfect addition to our family. Our youngest can barely lift her any more."


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