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PUPPIES born April 30, 2017
Locked 'N' Loaded's Down and Dirty, MH "Mud" x Lorken's Return to Sender "Elma"
Parents and pedigree page

The puppies from Elma and Mud were born late at night on April 30, 2017.  This was Elma's first litter.  The Vet thought there would be 8 puppies for sure but maybe 9.  We took a pdf of the xray home and were pretty sure there were at least 10 pup.  Indeed Elma delivered 10 healthy pups.  They were all chocolate as expected.  There were 9 males born and 1 female born.

This litter will have homes in WI, MA, IA, AZ, IL and MN.  Four of the nine families are returning customers.  We are wishing the best for everyone with their new arrivals.

-click on photo to see enlargement.

May 2, 2017 The pups were born weighing approximately 1 pound each.  They have their eyes and ears sealed shut at this age.  They are able to crawl but their bellies remain on the ground while doing so.  The eyes won't open until about 10 days.  The faces are rather flat and their ears are short thick flaps of skin right now.   The puppies really just sleep and eat right now.  The first photo is of some of the litter nursing.  Next a pup explores mom's face.  The other two photo show the puppies with their short legs and closed eyes with thick ear flaps.  None have lost any weight since birth so all seems to be going well.


May 6, 2017.  The pups are still looking much the same, the primary difference is that they have grown in size.  A couple of puppies are sleeping with their mouths open.  The are probably dreaming about eating.

May 11, 2017.  The pup's eyes have not opened yet but they are struggling to get their legs under them to walk.  The photo with mom shows one trying to walk.  One can also see that the pups are now at least twice the size since birth.  There is also a photo of a male sleeping by himself.  At this age their heads are disproportionately larger than the body.  He makes me thing of a bear cub.


May 13, 2017. The pups are now opening their eyes.  They are not able to really focus on anything at this point. The first photo is the female, the other two are males.

May 19, 2017 The pups are now walking around.  They still look rather funny and have blue eyes. They sleep after eating and after sleeping a few hours they immediately move out of the puppy pile they sleep in and eliminate.  Then they tend to walk around and explore the pool.  They don't play with toys yet but do try to chew on each other.  They explore the sides of the pool but no one has gone over yet. Within the next week they will probably figure it out.  The teeth are not quite in yet but will be in very soon.  Photos below at not quite 3 weeks of age.  Female pup below the other pictures.

May 25, 2017  The pups are approaching 4 weeks old.  They now have some teeth, and both see and walk better.  They are starting to look more like Labradors.  Since the pups now have teeth and there are 10 of them we started helping mom with the feedings.  They nurse some on her but also get feedings of a puppy milk mix blended with some puppy chow.  They took to eating the milk blend right away.  Below is a photo of them licking off the faces of each other after a meal.  They still don't play with toys but do a bit of rough housing with each other.  Other photos are of content sleepers.  Elma loves to sleep on her back and it seems some of her pups have the same propensity. They are starting to climb over the top of the pool and wandering around.  Soon the pool will be removed and the pups will have the room enclosure for their home base.  As it gets warmer we will allow them some periods of time outside on our fenced in patio.