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Buccleuch Avon was born in 1885 to two St. John's dogs imported directly from Newfoundland.  He sired 'liver colored pups and so the gene likely came from either his father Malmsbury Tramp or his mother Malmsbury Juno.  At the time the only desired color for these dogs was black and so another color was either 'put down' or given to someone as purely a pet.  There were no genetic tests for color genes until recently so this is a study of patterns that best explain how the genes were passed on.

Buccleuch Avon
Sire 1885-? Black-c

Buccleuch Nith
Sire 1891 ?
Buccleuch Drake
Sire 1891 ?

             Munden Sixty           X          Munden Scotty
                Sire 1897?                              Dam 1897 ?

Munden Sentry
Sire 1900 Blk-c
Shelag of Dansbury
Dam Blk-c
Sire Carried Chlt unreg
Shelagh of Glynn, FTW
Dam 1909-? Blk-c
Dam  1920 Ylw-c
CH Scandal of Glynn
Sire 1913-? Blk-c
Sire Ylw-c
Haynes Boy
Sire Ylw-c
Dual CH Banchory Bolo 
Sire 1915-1927 Blk-c
Stainley Lassie
Dam Blk-c-y
Jean of Sydmore
Dam - carried Chlt
CH Banchory Danilo FTW
1923 (Byc)
(Bolo also sired Banchory Corbie)
Pat O'Smethcote
Dam Ylw-c
Cocoa Of Metesford
Hayler's Danilo
Sire (Byc)
Storm Over the Wrekin
Sire Ylw-c
Midas of Metesford
Sire Ylw-c
CH Poppleton Black Lancer
Sire 1934-? Blk-c-y
Dam Late 1930's Bl-c-y
Thor of Metesford
Sire abt 1954
Carried Chlt
CH Poppleton Golden Major
Sire 1935-? Ylw-c
Chocolate Lady
Poppleton Golden Gleam
Dam Ylw-c
      Forest Hector     x         Kunzel of Metesford
      Sire CHLT                 Dam Bef 1956 Blk-c
Poppleton Golden Sherry
Dam 1943-? Ylw-c
           Tibshelf Coco
                Bef 1958 CHLT
Triumph of Treesholme
Sire Ylw-c
Cookridge Olga
Dam Chlt 1960
Dykeheads Koko
Sire Chlt
Treesholme Thunder
Sire 1950 Blk-y-c
INT CH Cookridge Cola
Dam Chlt 1961
Dykeheads Chocolate Queen Dam  Chlt
Fiona of Blaircourt
Dam Blk-c
Int CH Kamrats Kareena FCH
Dam 1964 Chlt
Ramah Chocolate Chip  Dam Chlt
Lawrie of Blaircourt
Sire 1953 Blk-c
Int CH Puhs Black Devil
Sire 1970 Blk-c
CH Kamrats Buse Sire 1969 Blk-c
Olivia of Blaircourt, CCW
Dam Blk-c 1954
Puhs Little Devil
dam 1972
color unknown carried Chlt
Swedish CH Proud Sweetjohnbrown Sire 1971 Chlt
 CH Ruler of Blaircourt
Sire 1956-? Blk-c
CH Mallards Brown Spinner
Int CH Proud Classic Coffee Sire 1975 Chlt
Children of Ch Ruler of Blaircourt Chlt or carried the color:
Altiora of Blaircourt,
Loughderg Fiona (Chlt),
 Oakshaw Tranquil of Blaircourt,
CH Sandylands Tweed of Blaircourt,
Tapnod Canard Noire
Dam 1977 Blk-C
Brown Spinner also dam of
Mallards Brown-bee-visible,
Mallards March Brown Male
Int CH Fagelangens Copper Carrot
  Pursi's Belle Star
Dam 1982 Blk-c
  FC-AFC Belle's Star Emme Lou - Dam 1986 Blk-c  
NFC-AFC Storm's Riptide Star
Sire 1991
Higher Grounds Helen Keller
Dam 1991
CNAFC-CFC Quik Windstorm Sire 1993 Chlt FC-AFC Cuda's Blue Rider, MH Sire 1997 CHLT