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CHECKER Pup Owners

This is a black male from June 2002 named Snickers.  His family writes :  Just wanted to let you know Snickers had his first vet visit today.  He was 15.4 pounds!  He got heartworm and flea preventatives, and was microchipped.  He's really settling in well here.  Sleeping through the night without a fuss.  He's learned to sit for his meals and when he wants attention - he's obviously the smartest puppy ever!  As I mentioned before, he has his favorite places in the house - he likes to be anywhere cool - ceramic tile floor, on top of the air conditioning vents, in front of the fan . . .We'll be starting puppy classes with him in the next couple of weeks and may go on to do the CGC with him.  He's a joy

The only yellow female pup in the litter 2000 Bubba x Checker was placed in South Carolina.  Her owner writes:

We agree that she is a sweetie. She attended her first trial this past weekend. I had two offers to buy her but I like to to sleep in my bed. My wife just adores her.  We will keep you inform of progress. 


Check-Maggie.jpg (11370 bytes) Maggie is a pup from Checker and Bubba.  Checker is on the left and Maggie, right.  In December Maggie came back to visit Lorken Farms and her mother.  She is about 1 year old here.    They say they are very impressed with her and love her dearly.



Clint.jpg (7807 bytes) In November the owner of "Clint" (a black Lab male in Alaska) wrote,
  Clint is very birdie and full of energy.  Brooke VanDeBrake lets him out of the truck and the first thing he want to do is race around the truck two times, then he is ready to work.  He is being forced this month.
8/02 Clint recently got a 2nd and a 3rd place in Derby out of 3 entries!



Black Lab male from Bubba x Checker:  
We really like Shooter. He is a great marker and very tractable, as well as good looking! He does not look anything like his daddy so we are thinking he  must take after his mom. He will probably be about 85-90 lbs when he is full  grown.  He is a big dog and so we have been careful not to over do things to prevent any injury or such. Wayne also has been taking his time with Shooter because he really is looking to the future for the all-age stakes and is in no rush for the minor stakes. Shooter is going to finish his basics program with Eric Fangsrud in March and we feel he will do just fine. Shooter has begun handling and is picking up on things easily. He seems to retain very well. He will probably get to run his derby season next fall.  I can say we have been very impressed with him so far.  We will keep you informed of his progress as we have things to tell!

9/22/02 Shooter won the Derby at the Oregon Retriever club.  He is said to be 80+ pounds,  able to concentrate and understand, is a great marker though says he does require some pressure. Congratulations on the Win!


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