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Bell has had 3 litters and will not be having any more.  All 3 litters have produced wonderful pups.  You can visit the litters below for pictures and comments from Bell pup owners.


HRCH Bell, MH x FC Nan-Dool's Elwood Blues


HRCH Bell, MH x FC-AFC Whitey


HRCH Bell, MH x FC-AFC High Tech CEO (Gates)


HRCH Bell, MH x FC Nan-Dool's Elwood Blues
Born May 24, 2005

From Newport, NC the new owner writes 2 days after getting her:
Introducing: AKS's Red, White N' Blues...Call Name: Glory. 
Well I must say I like this pup a lot, she is very confident, independent, and is already retrieving a pheasant skin cover bumper. I'm going to take her to the pond tomorrow.  She got CGC and JH Titles


Mally in
Madison, WI
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience and a great puppy.  Here is a picture of Mally the day she came home.  I'm so pleased and couldn't have asked for a better pup!  She's a brave little girl.  After the trip back from your farm, I walked down to our lake, and she followed me right in; before she knew it, she was already swimming.  She likes carrying around anything and everything in her mouth, and is walking on leash just fine already.  She's so sweet and loves to give kisses as well.  I can't believe how fast she is growing.   I'll send some more pictures in the future.
Here is a picture of Mally (from Belle x Elwood) at almost 12 weeks now. 
She is an absolute joy! There's no doubt she's a Labrador; she loves
retrieving and loves the water.  I can't wait to bring her along hunting
with me this fall.  Thanks again for the wonderful pup!


From Cushing, WI:

I am attaching a picture of the Bell x Elwood pup we got from you a couple weeks ago.  Her name is Piper (AKC   McManus's Celtic Piper). She is doing wonderful and really loves the golf course.  She gets along great with my YLF Lena and my daughter.  Thanks again and I will keep you posted on her progress.

Here is a pic of Piper at 10 weeks retrieving a bumper. She is swimming pretty good. Lots of go!!!  Really happy with her personality and demeanor. Thanks again. 



Harley is a female pup that went to a home in Inver Grove Heights, MN

I wanted to update you on Harley and give you some photos.  She is doing
well. She loves to chew on anything she can find.  Her and Jazz are starting to get used to each other. Harley wants to play and Jazz likes to sleep, so we are still working on that.  Harley's potty training is coming along.  There are good days and not so great days.  She is starting to get used to hearing the bell every time she goes outside and she has to do everything Jazz does.  She loves to play and chew of course.  The neighbor girl comes over 2-3 times each day to play with her.  Harley walks everyday as well.  She doesn't mind the leash until we try to have to heel.  She also just had her 9 week appointment and weighs 12.5 pounds!  She has put on about 5 pounds since she came home. The vet says she is perfect!  She will be starting puppy class in about 2 weeks.



From Madison, WI:

This is Aldo at nine weeks. He is wonderful. He saved an elderly lady from a fire when he was only eight weeks old! Since then we have been  working on basic commands and potty training. As you might expect, after the elderly lady thing, we have high hopes. Seriously though, we really are enjoying him. He loves to run in the field and give lots of love. Thanks for the great dog.



From Brookfield, WI:  "We just love our new puppy Bella. She makes us laugh everyday with the new tricks she is up to. She is so smart, and everyone is amazed with how pretty she is. Thank you so much for allowing us to be the new owners of Bella."

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HRCH Bell, MH x FC-AFC Whitey

Born Aug 6, 2003

Bell x FC-AFC Whitie IV male pup.  Left: at 7 months old.   Right:  We picked Sammy up today and brought him home.  He slept most of the way and played some of the way as well.  He has not had an accident in the house yet, and goes every time we take him outside.  Everything is going very well and this puppy is amazing us.  He's very mellow and has not whined at all.
Sam's family gave him a web page at:

I take Sam hunting nearly every day and he can't get enough and wears me down.  This was his first rooster he worked and flushed at the exact spot I used to goose hunt with the labs Bear and Buster.  He didn't have to retrieve it because it fell at my feet, but picked it up and gave it to me anyway.


Morgan lives in the Chicago area now but will be going to Wales, Great Britain with his family to live.

11/17/2003  "Morgan is doing fine and seems to be growing by the day.  The journey home from Wisconsin was fine and he settled in so well, no crying (although my daughter did sleep downstairs with him the first evening).  He loves the Forest Preserves around Chicago we have been to quite a few of them now as he is able to walk a lot further.  He and I have started training classes and he is doing great, he is lovely with other dogs, very curious but not too boisterous."

5/04  Photo to the right above.  Attached some recent pictures of Morgan.  He has become a true part of the family and we are delighted with him.  We are in the middle of the arrangements for flying him home and the red tape is never-ending as you can imagine. 


11/22/03 This family from Iowa sent out announcements stating "Our Baby is Here" along with photos.  The letter from her owner in Iowa writes:  "When I first picked her up at the airport, everyone wanted to see the puppy.  I took Kayjun to Mike's office - he fell in love with her right away.  Everyone has fallen in love with her. She slept through her first night without a cry, whine or bark.  It has been that way from the start.  Housebroken.  She goes to the door when she wants out.  Has been very good about retrieving.  She has long legs, just a beautiful black Lab.  Even our vet's, we go to a veterinary office that are three brothers, all vets.  All of them have commented on what a wonderful, beautiful and healthy pup she is...Her first 3 weeks she spent at the store with me in her kennel.  My clients never knew unless I got her out that I had a puppy at the store.  Now, clients are coming in and they ask to see Kayjun. 


11/17/03  "Ranger is doing very well. He is gaining weight each day. He weighs 35 lbs now and is just a great addition to our family. He has a great temperament and really has a great personality. House training is 100% complete and has been since around 11 weeks. He is no trouble when it is time for him to go in his crate either. He never makes a sound and does mostly all of his napping in the crate. He enters the crate all the time at his own will. He enjoys playing fetch and going for walks. There is no question that he is going to succeed at the hunting aspect of his life. We can not thank you enough for supplying us with this welcomed addition to our family...
Ranger is and has been fun from the beginning and his affection towards all people is second to none."


Tyr's owner from Arizona writes,  "Hi Ken and Lori,  Thank you for the Xmas Card.  That was a great idea.  I enclosed some pictures of Tyr at various ages, including a water retrieve at 10 wks.  He is still very birdy and has turned into quite the little character.  I am extremely happy with him.


Dec 2003 at 4 months

This is Indigo!  Her owners in CT write:  "Thanks so much for ...the wonderful addition to our family.  She's about 35 pounds now and so sweet.  We've just trained her on the invisible fence to make sure she's safe.  She's got the 'sit' command down now & does her business outside where she's supposed to.  Indie really is a delight.  The kids are loving it & so are we." 


Here is a female at 3 mo. who lives in Tennessee.   Her owners write:

" We named her Zira and she is the sweetest dog I have ever known.  She has learned sit, kennel, and she fetches up to about 75 ft (as far as I can throw the bumper), and she just figured out she can swim, so I'm sure I will not be able to keep her out of the ponds.  She will also fetch a bumper thrown in the water.  She is well on her way to learning everything for trial tests.  She is a fearless dog.  We have already had her around gunshots and she is not even phased by it.  She also gets along well with our other dog...I take her with me in the car whenever I can to get her used to people and other places, and she does great.  She loves "going for a ride".  anyway, I love her so much, and couldn't have asked for a better pet."

They say she likes to find "comfortable" positions to sleep in - above and that she has found the big white bowl of water so she decided to try and swim!







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HRCH Bell, MH x FC-AFC High Tech CEO (Gates)
Born May 29, 2002

Frieda our dog


3/04 From New York the owners write:

Here are some Pictures of Casey with some of the 200 ducks and geese she retrieved for us last season.  She is becoming an excellent hunter.  Bob is most impressed with her marking ability.  One of the buffleheads in the picture dove underwater to escape her and Casey dove in after it and caught him by the foot. We are very pleased with her and thanks again.


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