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Comments from Augie pup owners

From FC Cosmo's Concerto Charlie
From CFC Piper's Top Gunner
From FC-AFC Hilltop's Hayseed "Bubba"





Comments from Augie pup owners
Breeding to FC Cosmo's Concerto Charlie


These are the only 2 pictures we have so far.  The rest are on film. Her official name is Jesse Lorken Be Jeepin.  She is gaining confidence every day.  We are still working on the potty issues, but it has gotten better. 
     Our cat Oliver and her like to play.  They are getting along better that I had anticipated.  The cat is bigger for now. 
    Jesse loves to chase the girls, however I'm afraid the couch will not be a safe place much longer.
     It is amazing, they seem to know what they are not supposed to have.  ex our dish towels that hang on the stove seem to be fun to grab and run.


This is Baby Too - She lives in Upper Michigan

We had ourselves a quiet enjoyable trip back to Forest Lake(MN). You were right, Max has shown nothing but the best signs of being a great dog. <From his temperament, to his already learning capabilities. Our family is extremely happy with Max and we are looking forward to many fun years to come. Yes we are using the Lorken name. We are calling Max (Lorkens Sand Storm).


Ben called me the psycho picture lady but I figure he will only be this
little for a VERY short period of time and I am a proud parent...what can I say?

I have to let you know that he is an excellent little boy! He has been
sleeping through the night with little if any disturbances. We picked a
good one!

Thank you both for everything and I will be sure to send more as he

Oh, I almost forgot...we decided to name him Duke!  Lorken's Duke of Durham. I am a huge Duke Blue Devils fan and Duke University is located in Durham,North Carolina.


11/15/05 I was up on your site this evening and noticed that you were expecting a new litter of pups from Augie and Charlie.  Todd has put his foot down and won't let me get any more puppies but I wanted to share some thoughts on Hank since you said you've received really good feedback on the first litter.   Hank is a very stable dog and all around great dog.   One of his trainers remarked that they'd never seen a dog with Hank's desire to watch (one of the first things we always work on in training is teaching the dog to 'watch' or look at our face and watch for a command).   It usually takes him about 3 tries to get the basics of a command.  We also do some target shooting around the house here and Hank isn't the least bit shy.   When we get the tennis racket out and hit balls Hank's eyes never leave the ball.  Most of our dogs in the past have been more sound oriented and wait until they hear the ball hit the ground.  We call him our FBI Agent because he has to know everything that is going on and is happiest when he has a job.  We took him to Albuquerque last spring and he'd never been in a city before so we were dreading it a bit but he fell right into step with us - we even took him to an outdoor cafe and he immediately understood he needed to lie under the table until we were finished.   He never once showed any inkling of stress about being in a strange house or city with cars, noise, people, etc. He is definitely a winner!
We have quite a few pictures posted at http://www.duckhillfarm.com/archives/animals/dogs/index.html. (Hank is the Augie x Charlie dog, Bill is Augie x Bubba)

Hank's parents drove here from Georgia to get him.  His family writes,
"I wanted to give you an update on Hank.  He is an amazing little puppy.  He's very confident and isn't afraid of much.   He whimpered until we got to the end of your road and then he settled in and we barely knew he was there (the entire 18 hour drive home!)  He only had 1 accident in the car and I wouldn't call it an accident since we were stuck in downtown Chicago traffic and couldn't get him to a place to go. -  When we got home he came into the house and explored a bit and then laid down on his blanket in his playpen - tail wagging the whole time.   He went right into his crate last night and whimpered once for a few minutes.- We can't thank you enough. He's such a joy to have."
Sept 04

Hank's family writes:

While this type of behavior is generally frowned upon in our house he was just too cute and
all we could do was laugh...
Hank is doing very well.  He's a very laid back puppy and is really happy doing whatever
we are doing.  He's completely house trained and knows sit, down, shake and 'bring me a toy'. 
  He's still a little unreliable on the stay, come and other commands but he's getting there. 
He's also learning to fetch and LOVES to chase the water in the shower.  We are having a great
time watching him learn things!



This is Charlie who lives in WI.  His owner writes:  He does a great job of independent play.   He likes me to be in the room but does not need me to do things with him.   I have lots of toys all over. He turned a few things into toys that were not meant to be toys --- like  the sponge mop.

He sleeps in the bathroom from 10 PM to 4 AM. He whines and I let him out and then take him to bed with me.  He chews on my finger for a while and falls back asleep until about 6 AM when he goes out again and then has breakfast.  I will keep him on a noon snack for another week or so.   He has dinner at 7 PM and I am going to move that slowly to 6 PM.

Below at 5 months


Leelou flew to Oregon with her new mom and is enjoying it there.  Her new mom writes,

"Leeloo is great!!! She was SO good on the plane. No crying at all, and really the only time I've heard her whimper at all since she's been here was when she looked in the big mirror in our bedroom - then you could tell she missed her littermates. She hasn't even barked once. .Oh yeah…I didn’t mention, the pics of Leeloo on the blue chair are from our layover in the Chicago airport. There were people resting in the next few rows, and there was Leeloo taking a nap right along with them.

Leeloo seems to be adjusting really well. She plays hard, then sleeps, gets up and plays some more, back to sleep…" Leelou's web page http://www.leeloolab.com/  http://www.leeloolab.com/photo%20TOC.htm

11/05 Here are a few recent pics of Leeloo - two helping out in the yard and one crashed out with Katinka the cat. I can say I've never seen a dog swim so fast - for example we'd take her out last summer and she'd be chasing a ball or whatever with a few other dogs. Invariably after a few attempts the other dogs would give up. They'd swim out halfway with her, paddle in place till she retrieved the toy and swam back to them, then they'd swim in together. She's good though - if you tell her to sit and stay she will stay and won't go after the toy till you tell her "OK!" - then she goes zooming off! Quite the athlete.

One of Augie and Charlie's female puppies went to live in Michigan.  They write,

"Just a short note to let you know how great our new puppy (Anna) is doing.  She did very well on the way home, better then we expected.  She slept the majority of the way as we were traveling home on Weds & Thurs.  Anna has adjusted very well in her new home and we love her to death.  We will be sending you some pictures in the near future.  Thanks for everything."


This is Trooper in Ohio.  He has a black and a chocolate brother both out of our Lorken dog Emma.  They write: "Baby "Trooper" is doing great. He is learning crate training pretty well.  He is so cute. We are very happy with him."

We have comments from the adopted father of Lou Dog in Virginia.  He drove all the way in to pick her out. 

In Sept he wrote: "Here's a couple of pics of lil Lou Dog, she is growing like a weed. We are a week away from completing the AKC "puppy kindergarten" and will be enrolling her into "advanced puppy" or "beginner puppy" depending on what my schedule looks like. Also she is getting along with dad's 2 year old German Sheppard (Maddie) very well. They play a lil rough, but that's dogs for ya. Some times when Maddie is sleeping. Lou Dog will crawl up on her back and chew her ears, she is so cute, and Maddie is a saint of a dog for putting up with it."


This is Chelsea who apparently barks at the sink if she wants more water.    They write,  "I believe she thinks she is a cat.  She loves to sit in one of our windows and look into the courtyard.  I swear I never taught her to go up there, one day I came into our living room and there she was, right in the window.  Ever since then that her spot.  Chelsea also loves to be vacuumed, one time we thought it would be funny to vacuum her directly, and now she actually runs towards the vacuum when we turn it on and allows us to vacuum her sides, tummy, ears and sometimes will lift her legs so we can get under her arms.  She is has some personality it's amazing."



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Comments from Augie pup owners
Breeding to FC-AFC Hilltop's Hayseed

Bill lives in GA with his 1/2 brother Hank (from Augie x Charlie).  They write:

"Bill has settled in quite nicely.   He is just the sweetest little puppy.  He always wants to be around us and LOVES being held.    He's already climbing up and down stairs and it only took him 5 minutes to master going in and out of the pet door on the screen porch.  He also hasn't had an accident in the house yet.  The only time he whimpers is when he has to go.  You can't imagine how happy we are with him.
I can definitely see that Hank and Bill are related.  The going joke around here is 'ah, that must be an Augie trait'   Hank is a dominant dog so it took a day or two for him to adjust to this little thing stealing his toys and his bed but they are playing well together and Hank is very gentle now.  He just lays there and lets Bill bite his
ears and tug on him."


From Appleton, WI a new owner writes: This picture was taken of Storm on Saturday.  We have others if you would like us to send them for your web-site.  He's such a good looking dog, with a fun personality.  He is such a character!  Greg had him out hunting this fall.  Greg said he went nuts when he got his first sight and smell of a pheasant.  We are enjoying him so much! 
Thanks for the beautiful picture and card.  It was such a treat.  Hard to remember when he was that little.  Greg weighed him recently and he is 70 lbs.  Our older Lab , Dozer, seems so small compared to Storm.  They get along great.


Here is a photo of a pup from Negaunee, MI

This is Lacy at 8 weeks old.


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Breeding to CFC Piper's Top Gunner

Here is Riggs with a holiday wreath around him.  His family writes:
"He has been a great addition to our family.  House trained in a couple of weeks with a few exceptions.  He spent 9 weeks with Ray Sommers in Campbellsport learning how to hunt.  He's whistle trained and will even take overs and backs.  One week after I got him back we headed to North Dakota and hunted Ducks and Pheasant.  He did really well.  He had numerous double retrieves and even a couple blind and did very well considering he was 8 months old at the time.  Since we got back it has been mostly Ducks.  Here in Waukesha County and west on the Mississippi River.  Considering the low numbers of Ducks this year he did great.  Every one we shot he retrieved including a couple that dove on him which is always fun to watch!  We have been Pheasant hunting once since we've been back from North Dakota and it was a game farm.  We only used him the last hour we had the field and he put up 8 birds and 2 more on the way in.  He even pointed 1 of them.  It's a lot of fun to watch him work.  He has been a great addition to our family.  He's my buddy and hunting dog but I think my wife loves him more if that is possible.  Thanks for the great dog."


This is Duchess who lives in Ohio.  She is pictured with her family at Christmas 2003 to the right.  The kids wrote that she was ... "The most funniest puppy!  We all love her."  She shares her home with Hershey, their other Labrador.  Duchess is the daughter of Augie and Gunner.

12/04 Duchess went under the couch cushion!  We love her so much!


Email from an owner of an Augie x Piper's Top Gunner male 'Cody'.

...We just have to say he is one of the smartest and lively pups we have ever had he has been thru puppy kindergarten and now is going to obedience one and is doing just awesome the teacher is really impressed with his learning and outgoing personality (sometimes he is way to outgoing ) but that's a lab pup we are pretty much over the chewing stage and he is a I little mouthy sometimes but its all good he loves his 2 acre fenced in yard  and a couple of friends bring the dogs over they say its like a dog park Cody is so lucky ,we were wondering how all the other pups from his litter is doing and if you know the sizes of them ? Cody is about 65 lbs now at 8 months and a lean retrieving machine


From owner in PA:
"Thought you might like to see how Mia has grown.  She's about 8 months in the photo.  She is a great dog!  She's had some training and is doing well."


Augie x Gunner female pup: "We wanted to update you on how Zoe is doing, Augie's pup.  We are so happy with her and love her so much!  She has a lot of spunk and personality and always wants to be around people.  We thought we'd send you this picture of her in one of her favorite past times - in her chair chewing on the biggest stick she can find... She loves retrieving and swimming. Jake is excited to continue training her for hunting. - Zoe is so beautiful and a big attraction in our neighborhood!"  In Oct 04 Just wanted to drop you a line and say and let you know how happy I've been with Zoe hunting this year.  She just loves to get out and work up those birds. 


Here is news from the owners of a female from Augie and Piper in Wisconsin:

"Abbie is doing  very well. She is going to puppy class at canine capers every Thursday night. She is sitting, laying down, shaking, standing and high five at  command now. She also stays by us at all times. When we take her to the park  and let her off leash she never gets more than 50 feet away before she comes running to us like she hasn't seen us all day. She is such a wonderful dog
and we can not thank you enough. Everybody who meets Abbie compliments us on how smart and beautiful she is..."
Here is Abbie at 6 months old.  She enjoys water and retrieving


From a male pup owner of Augie and Gunner:  "The ... photo was taken the first few days he (Riley) came home (7 weeks). He is a pretty handsome pup"  -Riley at about 6 months -right-

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