Lorken Farms, Labrador Retrievers, Fremont, WI 

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Lorken Farm's Dogs


Born July 31, 2000 from our dog Lucy and NAFC-CNAFC-FC Ebonstar Lean Mac
OFA LR-126413 Exc 24F-PI
CERF LR-33368
CHIC #11515
Littermate of 2002 Top Derby list dog  COON RIVER LEAN MAC'S MOLLY!


auggie2.tif (277758 bytes)

Augie at 15 months

Augie and her sister sharing a wing.


AUGIE Parents GParents GGParents
  CFC Rascal's Super Spud (OFA 9962, Blk)
  CNFC-CNAFC Waldorf's High Tech, (OFA 22799, Ylw)
  Itch's Flying Tiger (AAQ, 2 Qualifying wins)
  NAFC-CNAFC-FC Ebonstar Lean Mac, (OFA 46627/CERF 6972, Blk)
  Trieven El Conquistador, (Canadian Open pts)
  Eboneaceae Princess (AAQ, WCX), (OFA 21503 Exc, Blk)
  Snookum's Sky Raider ( All Age Pts) (OFA 9113, Blk)
Lorken Wants a Big Mac To Go "Augie" (OFA 126413 Exc/EL16815) Ylw
  FC-AFC Itchin' To Go (OFA 7828, Blk)
  FC-AFC Wilderness Harley to Go (OFA 19528, Blk)
  AFC Black Gold's Candlewood Kate (OFA 13552, Blk)
  Lorken on the Loose "Lucy" MH, Lic. Qualifying Place,  (OFA 64656G24F  CERF 8241) Ylw
  NAFC-FC Trumarc's Zip Code (OFA 10091, Blk)
  Cody's Fissee Goose (sister to 7 FC-AFC's) (OFA 36014 Excel, Blk)
  FC-AFC Ms. Chief's Magic Marker (OFA 16927, Blk)


FC-AFC Wilderness Harley to Go (Augie's Grandfather) 4/1983-11/1996 Cody's Fissee Goose
sister of 7 FC, Augie's Grandma
Lorken On The Loose, MH "Lucy" Augie's

NAFC-CNAFC-FC Ebonstar Lean Mac,    Augie's Father 

CNFC-CNAFC Waldorf's High Tech
Augie's Grandfather

NAFC-FC Trumarc's Zip Code
 Augie's GrGrandfather
3/30/1978 -10/14/1993

See comments from those who have bought Augie puppies.

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