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Our property is located in NE Wisconsin, about 20 miles west of Appleton.  We have an outdoor run for our dogs but we are a small kennel that keeps the dogs in our house.  They go on daily walks/runs through our 90 acre property.  They enjoy several ponds during the summer and love the fall hunts.  Pups are born and raised in our house so they get lots of attention.  We only have female dogs and when we breed, we chose a quality sire with a great temperament, trainability, good looks and natural hunting instincts.  We keep quality pedigrees and research the bloodline to prepare a quality and lovable pup for the sake of bettering the breed.

We do ask potential owners to tell us a bit about their families and the intended life for the dog so we do our best to make the best match possible for both the pup and the owner/family. 

We do ship pups as long as the weather permits.  The new owner would pay the shipping costs including a crate and health certificate from the Veterinarian (who would approve the shipping). 

We will provide a written guarantee for hips and eyes and post health clearances of parents to show other clearances such as EIC and CNM clearance.  Both parents would have to carry either the EIC or CNM disorder for the dog to inherit this and none of our dogs have the gene for this disorder.  Pups will have a basic examination by our Veterinarian and have a set of first shots and be wormed whether or not worms are detected.

Order of pick is determined by the order of the deposit.  We don't take a deposit until we get a breeding and can provide the potential owner with the pedigree, cost and anticipated date of birth and approximate time for placement.  If there isn't a pup of the color and gender when they are born, the deposit is refunded.  We do keep emails from people who ask us to contact them regarding an upcoming litter and will let these people know before the litter is placed on the web.  That allows for a type of wait list. 

Information about upcoming litters will be places on our Upcoming Litters web page

Ken & Lori Dollevoet
E7911 Puuri Rd. 
Fremont, WI  54940
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